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I Dreamt...

... that it was the end time. (I never dream; two nights in a row I have dreamt vividly!)

The moon exploded and we all watched. It made thumping noises as we watched it fall apart like a ball of ice hit by a hammer. It was horrifying and beautiful all at once as we watched the particles fall to the earth around us.

I went around to the different organizational meetings and quietly introduced myself to the one pregnant woman I could find and the meeting inevitebly stopped as the pregnant women met me and I gave out cards so they could remember whom to ask for (no phones at the time, of course)... they were the same cards I have now.

I woke up with amnesia and then remembered and thought I should write.

I wonder how often I dream such odd and vivid dreams?

Last night was about one woman who is due and that she was totally in labor. We were at her home and filling the pool and talking softly to her and spending time all together... and she was laboring so beautifully! I, in that other part of my brain, wondered if she would call to awaken me to come to her. When she didn't and it was 10am, I called her and she was not in labor, but was gardening (!!). Maybe tonight, she asked? (that would have been last night)

Is the time without Provigil allowing dreams? So many meds in my life that have squashed the dreams and now, two nights in a row... dreams! That I can recall! Very, very strange.

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