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Stumbling along...

... and it is so scary sometimes. My titers came back today and they were down for the first time in at least 4 months! Hurray! The doc lowered the Diflucan to 600mg a day instead of 800mg, which is good since my hair has begun falling out in clumps and the ulcers are now in all of my mucous membranes. sigh I woke up with night sweats, but I know that happens when I lower the meds, so, I'll live with it.

I have stopped the sleepy-time pills (terrified of addiction, despite what the Psych says) and am now awake in the middle of the night after a mere 3 hours' sleep. Oh, well. I am on so many meds, the fewer I ingest the better, in my book, even if I am awake in the middle of the night sometimes.

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