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Ventura Highway

... and other songs that remind me of my youth.

At a business meeting on Friday, my daughter sat inbetween the pregnant woman and I and she and I (the pregnant mom) couldn't shut up. My daughter was eating her eggs and hash browns and this woman and I were talking about her mucous plug and wiping several times and was there blood or just snotty looking stuff. I laughed and nudged my daughter after a few minutes and said, "having fun?" and she laughed and said how far she has come since coming to work with me 6 weeks ago. She used to get nauseous talking about vaginas... now she could practically see one on the table as she was eating and just keep chomping. Considering she was the one I traumatized most as a child (about birth), I am glad we could begin again and she be fine about it all now.

I took an 8 year old daughter (same one as above) to a birth at with a migrant woman... a really nice birth (the woman met her at prenatals and invited her)... and I didn't know it for a LONG time, but then and there, she decided NO KIDS. I felt so guilty for so long... that I had scared the grandchildren from my daughter.

Gradually, she has said she would adopt, but now, after this summer, she is more open. And, of course, we have let her boyfriend know, in no uncertain terms, that their baby is nursing forever, that the baby is co-sleeping (he was explosive about that and we all laughed and just let him know reality and my daughter said, 'it's my baby, too!' I beamed with pride!)... She has asked about everything from vaccinations to circumcision this summer. I am so glad that, as an adult, I can calmly speak to her. It will be the hugest lesson in my world if she chooses to do things differently than what I chose to do, but I am promising now to be gentle. It was better speaking to her not on a 9-month time crunch. Still time to brainwash.

I'm ready for a nap and it isn't even 6am!

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