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Wha's Happenin'

(a variation from Mighty Wind)

* The weirdest interview in the Universe of interviews on Monday. That guy that wanted to come see me on Friday that I told he couldn't because I was going to Temple, drove from many hours away (he thought it would be three; it was six) to come and see me. The interview was intense and the guy was desperate. I told him as much, too. He had to be out of his apartment by Friday and had to have a contract and had to make money. I told him his desperation was rather odd and uncomfortable. So, I asked my standard question that actually is pretty normal in the holistic healthcare setting: What is your passion? And his answer was: Money.

When people don't get the question, and too many don't, I ask in different ways: If money were no object, what would you do? How will you make your mark on the world? When you are gone, how do you want to be remembered?

So, I asked this guy: I hear you about money, but if money were no object, what would you do?

After waiting about 10 seconds, he said: Die

I blurted out: wow, that's sad!

It was just weird. He pressed me for information, for marketing ideas, for a contract (again). I sent he and his girlfriend out for food so I could talk to my partner who said she would interview them if I wanted because we need a chiropractor bad, but I didn't trust my judgement totally; she's really good at reading weird people, though, and had great questions like: Why do you have to leave so fast? What about your clients now? Why don't you have more than 30 days of an income after working your whole life?

They came back from dinner and I told them my partner could meet them on Friday at noon and he tried to "bargain" with me about meeting her sooner. I just gawked at him and told him, for the third time, she was a cop and worked 2p-2:30a and that Friday noon was the earliest she had. He said: Well, I guess I have no choice then, do I? I replied: You always have a choice.

During parts of the interview, I kept thinking that I would probably never see him again and maybe he needed to hear some of my observations. I know that I said: It will be good for you to find some humility when he talked about doing anything for money that was legal, but that he wouldn't stand on the corner handing out fliers or twirling those cardboard signs. I told him he must not be very hungry then.

In my talking with others that night, many of the women brought up great points:

Desperate people do desperate things
He might do things to people/clients that don't need to be done
He would sell things to the clients they didn't need
He might steal

And, after chat and then talking to my partner again, I decided he wasn't gonna come work for me after all, no matter how much I need a chiropractor.

So I called him tonight and told him I didn't think we weren't able to offer what he needed and he snottily told me he already knew that. I laughed and said it was great we were on the same page and that I wished him luck and I hoped he would let me know how his job search goes. He said he would "try." And we hung up. whew Glad that's over with.

I have one hour to sleep before getting up... back later.

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