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* The midwife I am assisting's lady is still hanging out there. The client wants that baby today so the midwife is gonna go see what she can do for her this morning (strip her) and maybe today we'll have the baby. Last labor was 4 hours... should be nice.

* A woman in the community, for long and convoluted reasons, scared the crap out of me yesterday and I was so tired I had very little coping skills to deal with my fear. I took it and wrapped it in a warm, wet blanket... and made it moosh down into a tiny cube like a boullion cube... and took that and put it in boiling water and made broth and let it all evaporate into the Universe to be assimilated and made into Love and Power that wouldn't scare me anymore.

I so do not want to go to jail.

This will be the smallest of the times that I am scared with regards to midwifery and it was a test of how strong I really feel about my beliefs that women are the ones that get to make their choices, not law or man.

I talked to my partner briefly, then a trusted former client, who helped me lots and lots. I felt much safer after talking to her.

Jail sucks.

* I still haven't dealt with the midwife who was dis-invited from the birth that I replaced. Annoying.

Reader Comments (2)

The first k.d. lang song you mention is truly excellent... but not a k.d. lang original! I know of at least two other versions, but the first one that I know about is by Jeff Buckley.

Which doesn't make it any less yummy when sung by k.d. lang (and I wish I could hear her version, I haven't yet).

August 30, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterRainbow

Hey, Rainbow! This beautiful new cd is ALL covers of Canadian writers/singers. And you are right... who cares who wrote it; kd sings it! *laughing*

August 31, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterNavelgazing Midwife

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