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Are You the Person to Whom I Am Speaking?

A woman and I have been yacking on the phone and she has been helping me feel better about my bald head and rebirth stuff. This morning, I had to call her to apologize for not sending the something I was supposed to and that I had a prenatal I needed to do, but if she needed me, I was there to speakerphone with with the group. It was early and I introduced myself as "The Bald Bitch" and launched into my explanation because I was kinda rushing to get out the door for the prenatal (with a Jamba Juice stop). After I took a breath, the woman on the other end of the line said, "Do you know who you are talking to?" and, thinking it was someone who just happened to pick up the phone at my friend's house, said, "Who is it?" Then the woman told me her name and it is a CLIENT of mine! A client! Client! CLIENT! A fantastically funny and loving client, but I was sooooooo embarrassed, I thought I was going to die laughing. My daughter, watching it unfold from not on the phone, could barely breathe as she realized who it was I was talking to. Of course, it was the client I was meeting in an hour to discuss her newly desired HBAC! major red face

I was razzed at the prenatal and she said she would probably just have to call me the Bald Bitch from now on. Oh my gosh.

The prenatal went well... I love yacking. (isn't that shocking?) We did no hands-on since she had just had a prenatal with the CNM at one of the friendlier hospitals. We talked about what she wants out of a birth, who does what, what is a go and what isn't... stuff like that. I will detail more after her birth (with her permission), but for now, know that it is going beautifully!

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Just wanted to say hello. I found you only recently, but I dream of being a lot of what you are (a midwife and a mother, for example)...
:) Kind of makes me wish my partner and I had actually moved to San Diego (there was talk earlier this year of her getting a job down there)....

Anyway, Hi!


August 9, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterJentle

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