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Whole What?

So, I go to Whole Foods to get some stuff for a business BBQ I am going to tonight (Sat) and I am feeling like, "Can I just set up a booth here and we can make appointments to come and have midwifery prenatal care so they can have their babies at home and I can walk the aisles with the women and tell them how great they are and how wonderful they are eating, etc?" and then I get to the book section.

What to Expect is sitting on their shelf. Glaring at me.

What the FUCK is What to Expect doing at Whole Foods?!? Do they not know how STUPID how sheep-ish how HORRIBLE that book is with regards to people's choices and women's health and emotional/spiritual well-being?

And next to the YOGA books. sigh

I suggest we all write them and tell them to GET THAT BOOK OFF THEIR SHELVES!


My letter is in the airspace as we speak.

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