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Quantum Physics: Is Anything Really Real?

Oh, yeah... saw What The Bleep Do You Know last night (http://whatthebleep.com/). There is so much!

* Why do I manifest illness over and over in my life?
* What is the "addiction" I have with pain and suffering?
* How can I undo the synapsis of the pain and suffering addiction?
* How do I begin?

* Does visualization work really?
* How do I make affirmations deeper and darker than a smudge on the negative panorama of my life?
* Why am I sick if I don't have negative self-talk?

* Should I throw away my meds for the cocci?
* Do I have enough belief in my own abilities to self-heal?
* Isn't just asking that question, the answer?

* If we create our own realities (or unrealities, as the case may be), how come babies are able to do it, too?
* Is there a place in life where we don't begin and end and are forever creating our realities (or unrealities?)
* Are we really the God we pray to?

* Is what I say about women birthing God, the truth?
* Do we birth (and re-birth) ourselves every micro-second of every moment of our lives?
* Can I start over? Begin? Fast forward?

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If you liked "What The Bleep", try reading David Hawkins' "Power vs Force".


Jerry :)

March 16, 2005 | Unregistered Commenteriamjerry1

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