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Did you know...

... that some childbirth educators don't know what prodromal labor is?

... that some midwives are really 2-year-olds in adult costumes?

... that you can take a BP on a fat person down on the forearm perfectly fine (listening in the wrist)?

... that you can put an electric BP cuff on a woman's ankle if she is confined to bed, specifically helpful if she has an epidural - so she has her hands free?

... that I just took on a new client who's 39 weeks and here I am scheduled for a sedated MRI on Friday? Eeek! (Have to think of a resolution to that one quick.)

... that the kids of the new client want me to wear my Buzz Lightyear scrubs? (I like to offer the kids a choice in my scrubs... makes them a part of things with control over a pretty out-of-their-control experience as well as offering familiarity when I come in to the house - recognizable even in different clothes... something to make them smile. I, of course, always ask mom if she even minds scrubs at her birth, otherwise I wear regular clothes and ask the kids what color to wear and wear that.)

... that Diflucan can cause irritability in newborns whose moms take it?

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Reader Comments (3)

Happy (Merry? Blessed?) Yom Kippur.

I just learned those two BP things (the forearm and leg) this last week--no two ago.

This was a fun post...informative, entertaining...like you!
Hugs, Hh

P.S. I have a blogspot I have been working on for a week and can't get it right either. I finally put the other one I had been doing that with because I'd been chewing on it for a month. (The Going Over to the Darkside post.)

Happy New Year, actually... L'Shana Tovah. Thanks! It's so wrong to be on the computer right now and Sarah is putting up shelves in the garage - jeez, some good Jews we are, eh?

I hadn't commented on your Dark Side post yet, but found it interesting, my response. while I would never judge you for not being a midwife, or thinking about heading that way, I also believe it is farrrrrrr too early in your nursing school to limit yourself. You might find midwifery to be THE perfect fit - or geriatrics - or surgery. It's so hard to tell unless you are open to all the feelings and exposures that come with the expereiences. Kwim?

I also know, just like me in school right now, I keep seeing other things I would be so good at... Hey! I could be a cultural anthropologist! Hey! I could be an essayist! Hey! I could be a photographer!... when, in reality, I really need to think with the beginning goal in mind because that was a decision made in clarity, not influence.

We're 44 years old, Hannah. we pretty much know what we want while also being open to shifts in energy and changing ideas. I *know*, as sure as I'm sitting here, that I will get to incest stuff in Psychology and believe, with all my being that I am destined to focus on incest; I'm great at it! But I also know there are 40 million others just as good, if not better.

There are not, however, 40 million... or *40*... people who do therapy for birth trauma while also being midwives. Probably not even 4!

I have always strived to be different. Why would my major be any different?

*loving hugs*

October 12, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterNavelgazing Midwife

I asked another friend, who said another greeting is "Easy fast, and may your name be written in the Book of Life." I came back to tell you and there you beat me to give me the response!

I am too early in my training to make decisions, and have left it open. Before I was ever a doula my nursing goal was to be a trauma/flight nurse on a chopper. (They like short people.)

Who knows...I had thought that at my age and for my family's sake that I need to consider not continuing on for too many more years of schooling though.

I really have my dream job teaching already, and the RN will insure I can keep doing that and grow it, too.

Thanks for the support from a fellow 44-year-old co-ed. ;)


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