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Catching up, as usual

Birth Day Live yesterday was most interesting. Several parts were very cool, some was weird and much of it was incredibly sad and horrible.

(I'm watching Phoebe have her triplets on Friends as I write this.)

Parts I liked:
* They showed cesareans really, really close up, opening the layers one by one, breaking the water, suctioning the blood and amniotic fluid... it was just all so cool seeing it so close.
* That labors were really long. I watched for almost the whole 12 hours (except for a nap) and some women that were on the show in the beginning were still in labor on the end of the show. Well, most of those women were then wheeled into the OR for cesareans, but the aspect of how long labor can be (is) was important. Baby Story shows the entire process in less than 12 minutes. 12 hour labors are short as far as I am concerned, so it was good to show that part.

Parts I hated:
* 1 in 3 births were cesareans. It seemed that every other moment was a woman in the OR for stupid reasons... mostly "long labors" or the baby not coming down. Gee, wonder why, what with the woman lying down and all.
* Every vaginal birth had the woman on her back with her knees shoved back, nurses laying on the woman's knees.
* One scene that had my partner screaming at the tv was the reporter leaning on a woman's leg as she was pushing! Holding the microphone, elbow on the woman's calf, the doc and reporter yacked it up until the woman had a contraction. I had to change the channel because I was worried she was going to blow a gasket.
* A reporter asking two nurses about epidurals and look how many women are having them... doesn't anyone come in wanting natural birth? The one nurse snortylaughed and said, "yes," that women did come in saying they wanted natural birth. The reporter asked, "and how many of those, once labor gets painful, end up with epidurals?" and the nurses laughed and said, "all of them!" They all thought that was so hilarious.
* A doctor, while a woman was nearly crowning, said to her, "if it hurts too much, we can give you something for the pain."
* The umbilical cords, every single one, was clamped and cut immediately.
* That they brought in so many nurses that each woman had her own personal nurse. That sucks for all the women who believe that is what they will get.
* That they applauded the nurses a thousand times. Most of the nurses were smug and snotty about natural birth.
* That they kept calling a vaginal birth "natural." Annoying.

I loved, LOVED that the whole show was one giant commercial about why to not have a baby in the hospital. The impersonal parts, the hands in the vagina, the gawking at the vagina by complete strangers, all compiled together to show how disgusting hospital births are. I wish I would have taped it so I could use it in childbirth classes. It was the most real birth movies ever. They didn't show the epidural ever going in, but they did show a shoulder dystocia, a couple of near-crash sections, episiotomies, vacuum attempts, and more.

Phoebe had vaginal triplets. Would that really ever happen?

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Us Seattle folks got tons and tons of sun... wanna trade back? I get enough of this stuff in the summer! ;)

February 25, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterDynamic Doula

That would be me (livejournal-er). I love your journal. Thank you for your honesty.

March 2, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterLesleyn

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