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Fever & Babies (mine and not mine)

- I have had a continuous fever since day before yesterday. I get to feeling some better and then my eyeballs feel like someone has a campfire in my skull. My nose has that just blown out match shoved up the nostril feeling and my scalp has blisters and burns so that only ice-cold aloe gel relieves it for half a minute. I got a Jamba Juice today and considered dunking my head in the cup... or pouring it over my head, but dunking sounded better.

- A convoluted situation has given me the opportunity to do the postpartum doula gig for 5 nights a week for a few weeks until the other doula they want for 5 nights a week is available. It won't last but about 3-4 weeks at the most, but that would be perfect timing - right before the conference. I will also back up the doula for when she has births and she will do the same for me. I might use the money to go home sometime this summer. We'll see what happens... if Sarah needs surgery or not on her rotator cuff.

My job for this family is still to make my job (or any pp doula's job) obsolete. The mom needs major injections of Belief in Herself. I hope I can help her to find it.

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