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What I Learned from Oprah Today

That Mean Girls are insecure and they meaner they are, the more insecure they feel. The more people gossip and say mean things, the less good they feel about themselves.

I could say this in about 40 hundred different ways. It lays on the surface of my brain as an oil slick on the lake.

I knew this, but hearing it in different ways, in the context of my life, with Mean Girls all around me sometimes... weirdo clients, bizarre midwives, neighbors who throw eggs or puncture tires... it helps to be reminded.

I feel stronger.

Reader Comments (1)

Still, it's small consolation remembering the cruelties.
After all, I had insecurities and "self-esteem issues" too, and yet I became more compassionate, not meaner....

April 19, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterCheryl_MT

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