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... don't Catholics let people die in peace?

I am so lost as to the reasoning for the fighting for Terry Schiavo's death/life and now all the praying for the Pope's healing. I don't understand why they don't pray for them to just die sweetly and quickly. Very weird. And all in one week.

The most bizarre irony of all of this death talk is that Terry Schiavo found herself in that vegetative state because of anorexia - she was killing herself through starvation. And then, she actually dies that way via the courts, her husband, and ultimately, her own choice. Isn't that the most odd thing? None of the reporters say anything about this part of the story. I would highlight the crap out of it for all those anorexics out there.

Do YOU want to be a vegetable? No? THEN EAT ONE!

(probably not so funny to anyone else but me)

I taught some midwifery students today and had a good time. We talked about situations surrounding transports. I like asking, "what makes you squirm?" Helping the women to find their outer limits of comfort for different scenarios... high blood pressure, hemoglobin, transient tachypnea of the newborn, etc. It was great... and I learn a lot about the women and their strengths and how they learn and think. I remind them that one of the best things about these classes... with midwives and with each other... is that they see that each of us has different strengths and comfort levels and if they have a woman with creeping BP and are getting out of their comfort level, they can call in another midwife who isn't so uncomfortable and work together... or refer, whichever they want to do (even if that referral is to the other midwife).

The midwife I work with a lot sat in on some of it and we play off each other well, so it was really nice.

It seems a cult-ish "positive thought" workshop has spread over some of the midwifery community. It has gotten difficult dealing with some of the women who have gone through this because they seriously drop work, money, and friends and family for this "training." One of my own practitioners is driving us bonkers as she removes herself from her duties and, instead of these "trainings" improving her attitude, her drive for success, and her work, it is making her not be available to anything BUT the trainings.

It's hard watching because I keep seeing the women who are not anchored in themselves latch onto these trainings. The seminars are ego-raising! If you go back to the very very beginning of my blog, when I talked about PSI, it is the exact same thing, but in a different dress. A Break You Down to Build You Up thing. In these seminars, people find community where they had none. Family where they thought/felt/really had none. They are infectious! I agree, but they are supposed to assist in a person's success, not downfall. And I am watching women around me fall a lot.

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in my experience, MEAC accreditation has been more of a negative than a positive. :( I think the schools that are not MEAC accredited are more able to provide an open-minded curriculum for a reasonable cost. I attended a school that eventually got MEAC accreditation and it changed so much from the school I went to. That and the tuition has increased 300% - and still climbing.

April 3, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterSage Femme

While I can understand what you are saying, in order to get a license here in California, you have to graduate from a MEAC-accredited school, so finding one that is the best of what some might consider not-so-good is where I am coming from.

I like the curriculae of NMI. But, that's just me.

April 10, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterNavelgazing Midwife

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