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I read an article in Real Simple magazine about a GPS (Global Positioning System) luggage tag. I thought it was a fabulous idea! Especially for those that travel loads. My partner made the astute comment that it would need to be hidden inside the suitcase somewhere so it isn't removed or cut off. So, then I think, the whole piece of luggage, embedded inside the actual material it is made of... that is a great idea!

Not far from this thought came the swirling realization that soon... I predict before 10 years has passed... that the possibility to embed a GPS chip inside a newborn will exist. Honey said she wouldn't want GPS in her, and I can understand that (I can imagine those prone to affairs would refuse monitoring as well), but the mother in me... the one who took her kids for KidsPics through the years in case they were kidnapped... that mother part of me thinks it is a dandy idea.

The possibilities of a person having GPS are endless! Watching on the computer where your child is at any given time. Seeing how fast they are driving in the car. Even seeing other GPSers in the car with her. Won't that be wild?

Yes, it is very Big Brother, as my partner reminded me. However, typically technology starts weird and then we get used to it. I wonder how long it will be into the first GPS baby before we start saying, "Remember when we used to have to call on the cell phone and if they didn't answer how much we worried?"

I frequently wonder what the heck we did before cell phones.

Sometimes I feel really, really old.

Oh, and I am raising my hand right now to learn how to insert GPS into a newborn. I can just see doctors and hospitals vying for the fastest GPS insertion.

Is that weird I would want to do that? I really thought for a long time I wanted to learn how to circumcise only because people insist on doing it and they might as well have someone loving and respectful cutting on their baby, right? I kind of have given up wanting to, or expecting to, learn how to do it. You can let go of your penises, boys.

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