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Saturday Thoughts

So much to blog about.

I wanted to write the latest birth story (and the two in front of it, too), but I am tired and can’t think that hard.

My client that had her 10 pound 6 ounce baby with no tear did tear. huge frown When I examined her postpartum, there was no tear. I swear there wasn’t. And then she called today to tell me she had something hanging out of her vagina and when I went to see it, it was a part of her labia (sort of) that had been (seemingly) sliced off her body. I called 3 midwives about what to do – suture or leave it to heal and possibly snip the leaf-looking tag off in 6-8 weeks. The consensus was to leave it be – legs together to see what will grow together and what won’t and make a decision after that. I wouldn’t have sutured it myself today, but if she was having a hard time with pain, I have a midwife to turn to who could have. It just would have hurt BAD BAD BAD.

Suturing right after birth, there are love hormones to keep a mom’s mind occupied and the perineum is pretty numb. Two days postpartum, it would be awful, even with tons of lidocaine. Especially since the sliced area was more towards the outer buttock than the inner vagina itself. I’ll draw a picture of it tomorrow and post it. If she lets me take a picture, I’ll do that and see if she’ll let me post that. A great learning opportunity.

See, the thought is it wasn’t pulled apart until today (today is when she felt it for the first time and then she saw it when she looked in a mirror), but when she wiped after pooping, whatever had been attached, detached. The top part of the flesh leaf was black – not like a blood clot, but more necrotized. Is the flap going to slowly die off? I am just bummed she can’t say she didn’t tear now. frown

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