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I finally closed the house up and turned the air on. Between the fever (yeah, again) and the heat here in East County – sheesh, it’s hot.

I have been trying to get in to see an Internist. They gave me an appointment for September 28, 2005, but I don’t think I should wait that long. And then yesterday, I woke up with urine in my blood. I nearly fainted seeing how much blood was in the toilet. I went to the doc and “you have +++ blood in your urine – any symptoms of UTI?” None. The doc said that cocci can have an affect on the kidneys and bladder. I haven’t ever heard/read that, though.

So, instead of up the butt tests, I might be headed towards an IVP (blech) to see what’s going on in the urinary department. I don’t know which is worse, to be honest. Sometimes I think I’d rather have the LP.

Why can’t I just have some time without medical crisis? My partner keeps trying to get me to go into the hospital. I see no reason for it, especially over this weekend. I am not nearly as sick as I was last winter! I just am anemic and am bleeding from places that I shouldn’t be. That’s all.

My Infectious Disease doc called to tell me my cocci titers yesterday, too. They are 1:2, but one point away from 1:3. Lower! Yay! My hair seems to be coming back in some despite the same amount of Diflucan I’ve been on for months. My leg hair isn’t growing and the eyebrows are pretty skimpy, but the hair isn’t falling out – thin as crap, but coming in.

The woman who lost her UC baby is coming to see me this week. I look forward to listening to her… and holding her, too.

My partner is afraid I am going to die. I told her no way. I have too many people to annoy. laughing

It’s interesting to me that women who haven’t read my booklet (which is a collection of articles, not a How-To) have commentary on it. For goodness sake, Emergency Childbirth and Heart and Hands are read like gospel by UCers! Why aren’t those books lambasted? At least I address some needs unique to UCers that the others don’t! shrug I don’t quite get it.

The house is finally cooling off.

Both newly postpartum babies are doing great. I will see one on Wednesday to do the NBS (I deferred it because they circ’d the baby on Day 2) – without my input [I’d have encouraged several days later than that].), but told them both, who are feeling great! to rest a lot this weekend and to call if they needed me. It’s always so odd, seeing them so, so much near the end of pregnancy and right at the early postpartum time and then pulling back out of their family dynamic – to be a footnote in their birth story. It’s nice, but sometimes I sure miss them.

My partner noticed I am losing weight. Can’t not with the diarrhea I’ve been having.

I want to finish the birth stories I’ve got going before new babies come!

Maybe when I feel more perky.

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The Mothering article on the amazing placenta was riveting - I want to give it to every one of my clients!

Is it reasonable for a doula to give her clients an entire book of fabulous articles when they hire her, or is that considered over the top? *LOL!*

July 4, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterDynamic Doula

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