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Can't Sleep

There's a scene in Scrooged (with Bill Murray... hysterical Christmas movie) where John Forsythe as his dead boss is talking to him and Forsythe's arm crackles and falls off at the joints. It's what my left arm feels like. I swear I am going to look down one time and see my entire arm lying on the table.

And a filling fell out and my tooth aches something fierce. Won't be able to fix that until Thursday at the earliest. Anyone else blessed/cursed with horrid teeth? Even brushing and flossing (which I certainly never do enough of), I get 10 cavaties a year. I have more fillings in my mouth than actual enamel! My mom had all her teeth pulled at 18 because they were so sad and my dad has a lifetime of work in his mouth, too. I didn't see the dentist at all while on the Coumadin (a self-imposed sabbatical from the lidocaine shots and drilling), but now, I fear, I shall pay for it. sigh

Maybe I shouldn't have had that Provigil at 9pm.

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