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One day...

... a student took me aside and frantically asked me if I knew about the Morning-After Pill. When I said I did, she said, "you look like you're compassionate, can I ask you a question?" We went outside of class and she confided to me that "the condom broke" and she was a nervous wreck. She already had a call into her doctor, but wanted to know if she was going to die from it. I gently explained the risks (dying is a risk in life, I explained) and that she would, most likely, be really sick to her stomach, but not much else. Shaking, she asked me if taking half a Vicodin would help and I smiled and told her I didn't think so, but that eating light, eating foods like when she has the flu... that might help... plus knowing it would go away in a day or so, too, would help. I made sure she knew about follow-up and what to do there and she hugged me hard. When we got back to class, I gave her my card and she started walking away... she turned and said, "oh, by the way, my name is Gail," and went back to her seat.

Reader Comments (2)

Just like the dream I had about you a few weeks ago...

You ARE compassionate.


You have such a way w/ women. I wish I could watch you in action and soak it all in..

January 20, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterladyelms

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