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The soundtrack for Wicked is a metaphor for women who want birth different than the sheeple in the world. One woman wrote in my "Defying Gravity" post about listening to that song during her VBAC pregnancy and being bolstered by its power each time she heard it. It was then that I began listening to the soundtrack and "hearing" the meaning behind Elphaba's (the girl who eventually becomes the Wicked Witch of the West) words.

Now, I haven't read Wicked, the book, yet, and surely need to, but can tell from the soundtrack alone much of the story.

Elphaba, like the VBAC mamas and homebirth adocates we know and love, have her eyes opened and she sees The Truth and refuses to pretend to not see it just because everyone else is pretending not to see it.


Elphaba = Natural Birthing Advocates


The Wizard is Real = Doctors and Hospitals are the Safest Way to Birth Babies


the Curtain = Truth,

you all need to hear Wicked with an ear towards this thinking. Elphaba really isn't all that wicked at all! She is merely speaking her truth. Isn't that a good thing? Isn't that what we are supposed to be doing? How did the truth and lies get twisted around? Aren't post-cesarean women safer delivering vaginally when left alone, devoid of drugs and tethers and the hateful spews that come from their (s)careproviders? Some literature looks like The Wizard wrote it; other literature looks like Elphaba highlighted it. What side do you fall on when reading studies? Who do you believe?

In "Defying Gravity", when things went awry with The Wizard (Elphaba called the Great and Powerful Oz on his impotence, I am sure, and he got pissy about it), Glinda tells Elphaba she can make it all better by apologizing and Elphaba says, "I don't want to... I CAN'T want to... any more."

It is that feeling that so many of us women have... that defining moment when we will never again take it - take someone telling us we are fat, we can't birth at home, we can't have a vaginal birth, we can't VBAC, we can't go "over-due," we can't breastfeed, we can't sleep with our children, we can't not vaccinate our children... take someone telling us our pelvis is too narrow, our hips are too small, our nipples are too big, our bodies don't work right, our uterus can't hold a 3 pound baby, our vagina can't birth a 5 pound baby, our bones can't birth a 6 pound baby, that the cord is too long, that vegetarians/dancers/yoga teachers/meat eaters/runners/red-heads have hard births and need to schedule cesareans.

We will also refuse to accept the belief that The Wizard has created that says our bodies are imperfect for birthing and need assistance unless proven otherwise. It is the other way around. Elphaba shows us it is so. We do not need The Wizard's mass of technology just to amuse those who adore the blinking lights and beeping blips or the lawyers who profess to read them in The Wizard's inner sanctum.

Elphaba, late in the show, stirs and concocts magic to change people into scarecrow, tin man and lion- using her inner knowledge along with what she reads in books, trying hard to grasp and move forward in her walk even as she stumbles somewhat. Remembering the analogy that Elphaba is Truth in Birth, not Evil as the medical community would like us to believe it to be, I can see Elphaba as reading her Silent Knife or her Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth along with studying the natural ways to tending to her leg cramps and yeast infection. It sometimes isn't an easy, flowing ribbon, but a crooked zaggidy way to where we are trying to go. But we get there and we learn a lot along the way - about ourselves, especially.

I have put Elphaba high on a pedestal and I aspire to be her. Not in the birthing sense anymore, but in the sense that she continues removing the curtain, over and over, uncovering the lies that others keep trying to tell and pass off as truth. It always sounds so believable! I've always been so damn gullible. With Elphaba at my side, I am standing tall and having her point out the bullshit right there in front of me. And there is a LOT of bullshit out there. (I'm sure I didn't have to tell most of you that, but it is surprising to me.)

I am not wicked when I speak my truth. You might think that of me and that is your right, but I can now smile and and turn and sing the entire soundtrack from Wicked as loud as I can.

And your wicked words cannot come near the truth in my heart.


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