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GBS & More

So, the mom, 40 weeks pregnant, goes to her co-care midwife who knows she is going to have a homebirth. The woman is way behind on many aspects of her care, according to what the medical route would be, so she is "catching up" with tests, including a 3 hour GTT and GBS testing.

I got a breathless call from mom saying she was GBS negative in her vagina, but positive in her urine... can I do the antibiotics in labor? Or should she just go to the hospital instead? In the background, her partner is making noise about "not endangering the baby" and I sigh as I cannot explain GBS in a hurried phone conversation, so ask them to come over here so I can talk them through their options.

They agree and she also excitedly says, "I'm 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated!" I said, "You had a vaginal exam?" and she said she did and the midwife said, "I could strip you if you want," and the mom said, "go for it!"

Baffled, I tried to find the right words and said, "why did you want her to strip you?" and she said, all cocky, "Because I'm 40 weeks and I want the baby to come out." Trying not to be too frustrated with her, I told her we would talk more when she's here on the couch. I also let her know that she might have twice as many annoying contractions that do nothing terribly productive because of the stripping. She said it hurt too much so she told the midwife to stop.

I'm sitting here shaking my head in frustration.

Now I need to explain how GBS possibly is transmitted via vaginal exams, how systemic yeast can sabotage even the most tenacious of breastfeeding desires, etc.

They're here... more later.

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