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Still no baby

She didn't call in the middle of the night last night - I got a full night's sleep until I awoke at 5:30 am all without an alarm. I guess I was just waiting for her to call.

I talked to the mom last night and she was whining about having contractions all day long and how tired she was and I explained, gently, that she isn't "contracting" like labor contracting, but that her uterus was having some fun without her... getting things ready... and that when she was IN labor, she would know. She laughed and said, "I suppose when it isn't me calling, then you will really know I am in labor, huh?" I said, "exactly."

She stayed off the mountain last night at her mother-in-law's "in case something happens." I encouraged her to have a beer, a glass of wine, or a Benadryl to sleep if her uterus' fun was keeping her up. I told her to choose ONE, that she couldn't have two of the choices. She said she doesn't like beer or wine, so the Benadryl was going to be the choice. I haven't heard from her since.

Another client 90 miles away fainted a few days ago and her husband, understandably freaked out, wanted to know if there was a midwife closer that could come and listen to the baby (she's barely out of her first trimester). He told me over and over NOT to come up there, but I knew it needed to be done; there wasn't anyone else to go. So, I headed up and called him from an exit away to get directions and they were ever-so-grateful when I put the doppler on her belly so they could listen.

In cases like this, I will tell mom to let me know when to stop listening. It's almost like I am watching their hearts fill with the sound of their baby and I don't want to stop filling them until they are full.

Why she fainted in the first place is unknown still, though an odd mix of hypoglycemia, electrolyte imbalance and fluid imbalance from severe diarrhea right before fainting might have caused it. (Let's hope.) She didn't buckle when she fainted, as most people do. She was standing and fell straight back, stiff as a board is how her husband described her. Her head bounced off the lineoleum floor and she looked dead, even before she fell, he said. He is in the medical field, so was able to quickly assess things, but he said it was the weirdest thing he'd ever seen. I wonder what would make her faint stiff like that?

While I was there, they told and retold the story a number of ways and we laughed and laughed at the stress and scariness of it all. She spoke of trying to sleep and his pushing her awake asking, "are you okay?" a dozen times an hour. She said she tried to be patient, but got so tired of being woken up she just wanted to scream. She also spoke of being asleep and would wake up to his lifting her eyelid to check her pupils (to see if they were equal and reactive). I couldn't stop laughing as she acted this out over and over.

I learned that as he was getting her from the bathroom, a sort of dragging motion, to the bed, she fainted yet again. She remembers none of it. She said she remembers him asking if her head hurt... was she bleeding? He was poking his hand between her legs to see if there was blood... she was all, "get out of there! I'm sleeping!" He told her she fainted and she said, "I did not. I just pooped, that's all." It was so good to get the nervous laughter out and to talk about it all.

I'd suggested, from the first moments, for them to go in and get her looked at. They chose not to, but I had to chart that I'd counseled them to do so. Each time we talked, I would re-iterate that it wouldn't be a bad thing to go get her looked at. Each time, they wanted to wait more. When she got extremely sluggish (like she'd been given Demerol is how she described it), he called a Neurosurgeon friend of his who discussed concussions with him and what to and not to do. If anything happened more, she'd need an MRI to see what was going on.

So far, so good.

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