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Baby Story

I' watching Baby Story on Discovery Health and a woman on there had a cesarean for her last baby and is sitting talking to the camera as she awaits her turn in the operating room for her scheduled repeat cesarean.

She is sitting there crying about how she tried to conceive again - tried for 4 years - and had two miscarriages along the way. You know no one told her that these things could very well have happened because of the first cesarean (which seemed warranted). But, the woman should know why she struggled for so long, don't you think? Annoying.

I keep hearing the announcers on these baby shows call a version an "aversion." It makes me laugh and sigh all at the same time. Who are the editors?

There is nothing worse than hearing a woman say, "There's really no choice for me right now," when she isn't even in labor yet. sigh Very sad.

Off to do prenatals all day along with readying my birth kit for an upcoming birth and its trip to New Orleans "just in case" the doula client I am visiting delivers precipitously at home.

We're also going through all the charts and re-organizing them (updating them). We're also adding new VBAC consents and a general consent for remaining in midwifery care despite my recommending they move on to an OB.

This is a whole discussion on its own. I will tackle that next.

Reader Comments (2)

Oh, no. That is so sad. I hate hearing Baby Story stories. There is no educational value to that program - it's like medical/anesthesia propaganda.

Incidentally, here's my favorite BS quote, spoken by the narrator:

"Labor and delivery: sounds simple, but when you try to go drug-free, things start to get scary."

May 21, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterjenn

I've written some about this before... that there are aspects I do like showing off with these types of shows. I like being able to counter the hype and hysteria with truth and clarity (just like I do with advertising with young children) - the sad part is that I (we) can't be with every woman watching these shows.

I once started writing an article about the verbiage these types of shows used (similar to the absurd statement you quoted) and had to stop after a couple of days because there was SO much material I didn't even know where to start! Words that made birth sound so dangerous, tragic, painful, and absolutely out of the realm of anyone's ability to comprehend except a doctor was nauseating. And that was just counting the words used! It didn't even touch the nuances of inflection used.

Did you see the show that Mindy Goorchinko was on? With her UC Twins? Well, knowing Mindy and knowing the original video, it was astounding watching what Discovery Health did to her story. They over-dramatized (the supreme understatement!) her birth in words and editing... making it look like her second twin (a footling breech) took about 12 minutes to be born (it took seconds) - they showed the same scene over and over and over. Sheesh.

I also have been on television enough to know and understand editing for drama. What more could be manipulated for drama than birth? Would a quiet, peaceful, straightforward homebirth make news? Maybe it's a great thing that it doesn't.

Great points, Jenn... and love you site. Thanks for commenting.

May 21, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterNavelgazing Midwife

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