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If I Were in a Developing Country...

... what supplies would I not want to be without?

(in no particular order)

(from memory - not working from my list; some items might be missing - I will add them as I remember them)

- pitocin
- methergine
- Vitamin K
- Erythromycin eye ointment
- gauze
- sterile gloves (size small and medium)
- doppler
- batteries
- cord clamps
- clamping forceps
- scissors
- needle holders
- lidocaine
- sutures (Vicryl CT1 and chromic CT1)
- syringes (1cc, 10cc, 30cc)
- ambubag
- urinary catheter
- amniohook
- blood pressure cuff
- stethoscope (one for mom, one for baby)
- sterile water (for back pain papules)
- sterile K-Y (lots so I could use that for a doppler conductor)
- alcohol wipes
- sterile field
- tape measure
- baby scale (fish scales)
- nitrazine paper
- thermometer
- small flashlight
- headlamp

If a mom orders my birth kit from Cascade, she gets:

- sterile K-Y packets
- alcohol wipes
- two non-sterile fields
- package of safety pins (to pin the visqueen to the bed - explanation later)
- 10 sets of sterile gloves in medium
- 10 sets of sterile gloves in smalls
- baby cap
- mommy panties
- peri-bottle
- cord care (combination of goldenseal and other herbs that helps cords fall off in 2-3 days)
- two packs of Chux pads
- 10 sterile gauze packs
- sitz bath herbs
- queen-sized sanitary pads
- two bendie straws

What I have parents buy to supplement the birth kit from Cascade:

- 2 painter's drop cloths (visqueen)
- 2 double A batteries (for flashlight)
- 2 nine volt batteries (back-up for doppler)
- large bottles of hydrogen peroxide (to clean blood off laundry and carpets)
- Rescue Remedy
- baby thermometer
- baby wipes (to clean mom during and after labor)

What supplies do parents provide from their own home:

- towels
- baby blankets
- baby's clothes
- clothes for mom (if she wants them)
- 2 lawn garbage bags (one for laundry, one for trash
- 2 large ziploc bags (to double bag placenta)
- diapers for baby
- paper towels (for hand drying after handwashing... more sanitary than family towels)

Bag for possible transport includes:

- clothes for mom
- shoes for mom
- copy of insurance card
- driver's license
- toothbrush
- whatever else mom might want or need immediately at the hospital

In another post, I will outline a 37 week home visit to explain how we role play the birth and discuss the upcoming homebirth and early postpartum visit.

Reader Comments (3)

so 3rd world -- remote area 1-2 days walk to get help--
oral vitamin K
erythromycin eye ointment
IV set up and fluids
alcohol --drinking kind not rubbing
a solar cooler

maybe a few metal cord clamps(depends on where in the world I am- places where people have textiles- we can make our own cord tape and sterilize it)
forceps and sissors
needle holders and suture materials
scalpel - or razor blade
syringes 10cc -30 cc
bp cuff and stethoscope
doppler maybe- but distance can be a real problem and detecting a problem I can do something about timely I don't know
some thing for light-
flashlight for emergencies
measure and scales
pots and pans with lids
wash cloths-- 25 or more
a few herbal remedies- yarrow and cotton root bark ,and angelicia tinctures

bag and mask probably not- I could do mouth to mouth just as fast and if it were going to work it would just as well - if I were in a very HIV endemic area maybe I would want the bag and mask

June 15, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

I carry plastic tarps (sometimes dollar store tablecloths) in my doula bag and have had to break them out at four births, I think.

Great list!



Anon: Great list!! Thanks for sharing yours. You have some great things on mine I hadn't thought of (pots and pans... VERY helpful!).

Thanks for playing.

June 17, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterNavelgazing Midwife

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