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Flea says:

(regarding blogging)

Real people, and authentic experiences, are still better than their virtual equivalents. Nevertheless, I'm not going to give up blogging just yet. There are things I'm bursting to say that I simply cannot say aloud in person or sign my real name to, because I am a pediatrician. I'm grateful for the medium, despite the fact... no because of the fact that the message is everything now.

I've found it easier to write my experiences through thought more than through exact women. When someone crosses my path, I can write a generality instead of a specific. It's been a challenge, but at least I am able to move through the difficulties while still writing. I do have permission to write about clients (when they are referred to specifically), but am still constantly checking around about blog ethics because the HIPAA (and ethical) issues remains in the forefront of my mind.

I believe it might be more difficult in the midwifery community than in the physician community because it is SO small. So many people know who I am and the likelihood of knowing who I am writing about becomes enormous.

Dr. Flea met with some of his blogging buddies, so not everyone remains anonymous - even those that write about patients/clients. I read about patients on other sites and have never thought it was a violation of their privacy because I have no clue who they are, nor would I try to figure it out. I can't direct others' thoughts towards my writings, though, so do need to walk the line between privacy and exposition. If what I wrote wasn't interesting to others, I'd just write in a paper journal. But, I have been implored to write, write and write some more. It isn't that I am some great midwife or anything - I firmly believe every midwife has similar insights and stories to share - but I just write about the things I see and know. I wish more would do so. We can all use more insight.

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