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Grand Rounds - How do I get in the club?

My eyes are red and it's late. I keep searching for The Way to get the Grand Rounds sent to me - some notice or something - so I can see who is included in this week's Grand Rounds. I don't think I am ready for my own blog to be nominated (if that is how it is done) or submitted, but I am very interested in becoming a part of the reading side of it all.

Hmm... so one more click finds this:


I still don't know how to get something sent to me telling me when the Grand Rounds comes out.

I really should learn how to RSS, shouldn't I?

Sometimes I feel like a techno-weanie.


Reader Comments (6)

You don't get anything. You have to follow the schedule and submit weekly. The last person to "host" usually tells who will be accepting the submissions for the next week. If not, the schedule is here:


You already mentioned the submission guidelines. The surprise to me when I started submitting is that it isn't writing to the medical community, but to the public.

If you submit SOME hosts notify you when it's up. Some don't and you just have to watch for it.

I submit every few weeks when something I have is suitable. There is also a new pedistric grand rounds that just started through Clark Bartram's site...you might like that one, too.

Kim at Emergiblog is starting a nursing one--but it's not just for nurses!


P.S. THIS week's host is using an online submission system no one else has ever used. I think it's unique to HIM, but it could be something they will adopt.

P.S. The gentleman hosting this week (it comes out on Tuesday and usually submissions are accepted until either Sunday or sometimes Monday night) is proposing this online system. You can see some of the objections in the comments.

He is saying that it will increase submission because it will include a way to notify those who have submitted before, or register to be notified about Grand Rounds.


BTW--I post every week when it comes out and where it is the first chance I get; whether I have submitted a post to it or not. So you could click on my blog on Tuesdays sometime to follow the link.

And you submit your posts and all the hosts I know of have always used all the posts submitted to them--except for one host that I can remember who did not. It's up to the person hosting and putting the carnival together though.


Thanks so much for your help. I don't know if I am ready to be in the Grand Rounds, but I sure do like seeing what everyone has to say.

Reading the blogs in Grand Rounds helps me be stronger - if that makes sense. I see that what I write is valuable and not disrespectful to the great majority of folks who read it. I also see that other blog readers see what THEY write as disrespectful to their patients/clients and I am not alone in the castigation. Sad, but true.

As always, of course, comes the background muzak of "is this ethical?" I work hard to be so.

June 4, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterNavelgazing Midwife

You're welcome. I only submit when something I write is suitable, as often what I write is not "medical-enough" or is too personal.

ALL of you write is absolutely up to par with the writing...you write as well or better than many of the submissions I see at GR.

I do see some of the writing there as disrespectful, but since most of the (actual) medical bloggers (which I do not include myself as one) write anonymously (or at least "semi-anonymously" as Kim at www.emergiblog.com calls it.) So while they change names and info, it doesn't bother them to let their hair down.

I will look at GR and read it with a new eye after what you say here...and be more careful about what I write and submit there.


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