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I forgot to add a couple of lab results.

My cocci titers are up, but only slightly. I shall remain (probably forevermore) on 800 mg fluconazole (Diflucan) qd. Someday, I'd love to see the shelf of all my body fluids at UC Davis. It has to be 100 feet long by now.

The Infectious Disease doc called, too (his nurse) and said, "ahem, you are a LOT overdue for coming in, missy" and made me an appointment for early August. She was happy when I told her I did get my titers done.

I get B12 injections because of not absorbing B12 well sublingually. I don't get B12 from food anymore since the gastric bypass (absorption happens at the bottom of the stomach where the intrinsic factor sits - I don't have access to that anymore), so have to supplement either via sublinguals or injections. I get my B12 tested every once in awhile to see how I'm doing since I have been horribly low before I knew the sublinguals didn't work for me. Well, I no longer have an abnormal range. It is WELL over 800 - the doc said I don't need any more weekly B12 injections. Twice or three times a month is plenty.

Just thought I should update those that watch my titers.

Reader Comments (2)

Does the Diflucan make you perpetually nauseous?

You're using a new template! Nice!


The Diflucan doesn't make me nauseous.

Side effects I have from it include:

- alopecia (head, legs, now eyelashes and eyebrows)
- blisters on my head
- blisters on my mucous membranes (including mouth, vagina, and anus)
- peeling skin, especially on my face
- incredible exhaustion (combined with the cocci itself, it's horrid!)
- joint pain
- muscle pain

Isn't that appealing?

June 14, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterNavelgazing Midwife

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