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Let's All Have VBAmCs!

This came in my email today (gotta love Google Alerts).

Vaginal Birth After Multiple Cesareans Safe


Let's see what Dr. Amy has to say about this, eh? (No! Don't go to her site! It's an energy-draining pointless time-waster!)

Let's just stay here and have good news about VBAmC being safe and a grand idea. I like that a lot.

Reader Comments (5)

A big woo-hoo to that!!! lets hope ACOG follows through and revises it's recommendations.

Who cares what Dr. Amy thinks :P

June 30, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterLouisa

I just read a figure of 1 uterine rupture in 15,000 among women who have never had uterine surgery.

But I want to know the rates of rupture for each of these three classes in unaugmented labor vs augmented, as well as the various types of augmentation.

If women are given modern c-sections (bikini cut) by a skilled OB/GYN and subsequent deliveries are not augmented in any medical fashion (pitocin, cervadil, etc) what are the rates of rupture for VBA1C and VBAmC?

Also, does the continuous monitoring have a contribution? If a woman cannot get up and walk and move around, float, etc, she cannot assist the descent of the fetus. Does laying abed under monitoring during labor contribute to strain and rupture?

June 30, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterLindsay

Dear Navelgazing Midwife,

How can I break my train-wreck addiction to Homebirth Debate? I can't seem to stay away. Maybe I'm hooked on the natural endorphins from all that pounding my head against the desk in frustration, do you think?

Is there a twelve-step program for HD addicts like me? Should I go cold turkey? I have had some success with weaning to less frequent visits since I gave up commenting, but it hooks me in like a-- like a big hooking thing.

Yours compulsively,
Bertha Brainwashed (why else would I support homebirth? can't I see that all the studies show the opposite of what the authors say they show?)

P.S. One of the unexpected good things about HD has been connecting with other homebirth advocates. I'm glad I found your blog.

June 30, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJamie

Navelgazing Midwife, this is great news, but as one of the few former homebirthers who has to plan a c/s, can you repost the list of things to make a better c/s experience? I know you had something like that on this blog right around the time you were discussing Angelina`s double footling & I looked & I can`t find it. Thank you so much for everything you write!

July 1, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterclara

Louisa: I am sure ACOG et al will find major fault with the study (too small, for one thing... I can hear it now), but we can hold to it and know that it demonstrates what we have known all along.

Apparently, Dr. AMY cares what Dr. Amy thinks. And a couple of other cronies. *rolling eyes* Sheesh.

Lindsay: In response to your "I want to know" questions... we ALL want to know those things! Many of the aspects of normal birth will probably never be studied because they will be deemed unsafe even before someone has a complete thought about it coming out of their mouths.

I don't understand how WE can see the obviousness of it all - the inductions, the augmentations, the immobility, the ROM, etc. - how we can *easily* see how it can all contribute to a uterine rupture, but the medical side (for lack of a better word) just doesn't seem to grasp that. I don't get what is so hard for them to see.

You ask great questions. If I could do math, I might consider going into doing statistics - even though we ALLLLLL know how skewed they are anyway, right? It's simply a matter of taking the ones we like and holding them in front of us like a shield.

Like the other poster wrote... birth is ultimately un-researchable and un-study-able because of its snowflake-like qualities.

I believe, all we can go on is what we know and what we learn. I have been guilty of saying, "You just haven't seen enough births" to UCers or others who think birth perfection exists, and I have heard the same from OBs about me. But, I think there comes a place of acknowledging the risk and the benefits of the information and going from there. Sometimes... oftentimes... information isn't scientific. It's simply "known."

Jamie: STOP READING HER! I know you know all she does is go 'round and 'round herself like a dog chasing its tail. She NEVER says anything different. Ever. She ALWAYS says homebirth is fine for the mother, but more dangerous for the baby and how selfish women are to do that to their child... put comfort above safety of their kid.

WE know that is a bullshit way to look at things. It isn't all one way or another... it is mingles of both and a mother's comfort and feelings of safety GREATLY impact the baby's passage. Including with regards to safety and health.

WE know she will never see things the way we do. That was obvious from the first day she plopped that faux "homebirth debate" site up there. I find her great fodder for jumping into a topic - countering her here, on my turf. She can stay in her bitter, dry, cracked old lawn over there down the street. I purposefully cultivate a yard of flowers and joy and beauty - and do it through birth.

She simply will NEVER get it. Once you accept that into your heart, you can read her with sad amusement at her brainwashed delusions and how they EAT HER ALIVE that there are others out here who think she's full of caca doo doo.

Does that help?

Clara: I am glad to do a post for you on what to do for a scheduled cesarean. Not a problem at all.

July 1, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterNavelgazing Midwife

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