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Many hearing the word think it means to poop, but in this context, it is what happens to some post-gastric bypass folks when they ingest sugar and/or liquid milk (pure sugar to many bodies) products.

The short version is that sugar goes in, the body says, "What the hell?!?" and tries to dilute it by grabbing fluid from all over the rest of the body's cells and tissues as well as heaving out a buttload of insulin to tame it all and the human being attached feels like CRAP for anywhere between 15-45 minutes (in an early dump). Late dumpers might not feel the experience for a couple three hours after the sugar goes in.

I get a tad of both. Aren't I lucky?

Technical explanations for those that care can be found here and a great list of symptoms here.

I figured out why I was so dizzy and nauseous and faint-y during those fasting days. It wasn't just because of the low calorie count, but because I was dumping!

Slim-Fast - 90% sugar! (hyperbole, but probably not much)

I have always dumped since the RNY gastric bypass, but usually it hits me like a slam of discomfort and exhaustion. I often feel like I am going to sleep after eating, a sure sign that I have eaten far too much for my little pouch. Those that know me, know I tend to lay my head down on the table and say how tired I am after a meal. Do you think that would teach me to not eat so much? Of course not.

The worst dump I ever did was at my 5-star favorite restaurant about 6 months after the surgery. Sipping specially-made cream of mushroom soup, my head began swirling around the room and I careened towards the bathroom, the manager (who knows me well) followed me seeing something was terribly wrong. I really thought I was going to die. My body fell onto the (happily) clean floor (I didn't give a whit at the time) and I melted into the cool stone tiles. I could hardly breathe and within minutes, EMS personnel were surrounding me, asking if I was diabetic and could they give me a shot of insulin. My speech was slurred, but I drooled out that I was dumping and to PLEASE not give me insulin; that would send me into shock. Not sure what to do, they took my blood pressure and sat with me as I wanted to die right there under the toilet.

15 minutes later, I began coming out of the haze of insulin over-load and begged them to let me shit in private. I sat on the toilet for half an hour as all the fluids that had rushed out of my body's cells to dilute the sugars began their exit. I sat with my head on my knees, listening as EMS yacked about the night ahead and didn't all that restaurant food smell good. Mmmm. Food scents mixed with poo poo. Yum.

I've dumped good with other foods, too, but nothing like that one. Rich, rich ice creams are the worst regular foods I dump with. Cold Stone or Marble Slab ice cream - bad, bad, bad.

People ask what it feels like and the best way I can explain dumping is like having 5 days of the flu rolled into about 45 minutes of time.

When people are going to have a gastric bypass, some choose other surgeries because of RNY's sometime side effect of dumping. Most other weight loss surgery options don't include dumping. I, on the other hand, found the prospect of dumping fascinating and I begged the universe to bestow it on me so I could have some negative reinforcement lest I eat the wrong foods. Only about 40% or so have dumping after gastric bypass; I wanted to be in that 40%.

Being the sick compulsive eater that I am, I knew any help the surgery could offer would be good for me.

I was very happy I got dumping, even if I had to lay my head on dirty bathroom floors every once in awhile.

What's so amusing about it, though, is I still eat even when I know I'm going to dump! It's the stupidest thing, really. I make sure I will be home or going home shortly before eating something that will make me ill. I try to do that anyway. Otherwise, I'll know I have to go lie down somewhere to quick nap it off.

So, that whole week of Slim-Fasting was a bust on my body's guts. Good thing I decided to forego anymore of it, eh?

Let's hear it for Weight Watchers! I haven't dumped once since starting.

See me smiling?

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Reader Comments (4)

You can do it!!!

*WE* can do it! I'm trying to learn how to eat, if you and I could just hang out maybe we could balance each other out! LOL :)


July 9, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterKristina

i've only done WW once, while i was in houston on assignment and my sister lived there. she swears by WW.. awesome food, great portion sizes........

I'm an RN, so i'm aware of "dumping" as I see many complications of GB in the ER. Sorry you had to have them that night at the restaurant. I can't believe they wanted to give insulin though. weird to me.

glad you talked them off and "took care of business".

a nurse i worked with a few years ago went from 400+ to 98 lbs and was in the process of getting all of the cosmetic things done. she was so tiny i could lift her with one hand. ahhhhhhhhhh. haha

i'm glad you understand about your diet and are aware of your body, many more need to be like you!k

xoxo, homebirthing mom and ER RN Jenni

July 9, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterjen

So glad you're feeling better. I admire so much that you just keep searching for something that works for you.

July 11, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterDeb

Kristina: Thanks!

Yes, EAT! You need to be well. We ALL need to be well.

Jen: Thanks so much for reading me.

Funny how I still haven't dumped since starting WW. Ha! Didn't even think of all that milk and sugar in those darn Slim-Fasts. No wonder I felt like crap! Besides the lack of calories, of course.

Thanks for applauding my self-knowledge. I applaud YOU and all you do. Thanks!

Deb: THANKS!! I need to be healthy and well. I had to find something!

July 12, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterNavelgazing Midwife

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