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(NOT) a "Stupid Girl"

Not one to listen to this type of music, I was reminded that I liked this magnificent Pink song today on a repeat of "Ellen." The song is called "Stupid Girl" and pokes a great deal of revulsion at today's values too many women strive to achieve - big boobs, smooth skin, bleached hair, getting a man, being dumb over intelligent - all aspects that us smart chicks contend with every day. I am so sick of hearing that those of us not-gorgeous-young-wrinkle-free-skinny women are just jealous that the gorgeous-young-wrinkle-free-skinny chicks get everything in life.

While I don't think it is jealousy, it is disgusting that, in many ways, it is true they do get everything.

They especially get my positive self-esteem and share of delightful stares and winks. I get their howls of laughter and snorts of "gawd, she's fat"s.

(I think I'm PMS.)

Please go see this video. It'll make you nod and laugh, if nothing else. I hope it changes little girls' lives.

Stupid Girl Video here!

Reader Comments (4)

i love pink. she kicks ass!

thanks, too, Barb, for all your WISE words on my blog. it means alot.

i know that i'm going to be out to everyone. whether or not i make it part of my interview process, I don't know. i do know that this is my family and they are as much a part of my practice as any (especially with the sounds of kids in the background all the time!).

July 19, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterSage Femme

i can't believe they played that song on Ellen!! haha

July 19, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterjen

Love the film clip, though to be totally honest am annoyed she picked up the football at the end... says to me that the only way to not end up a stupid girl is to pick the life of a wanna-be-a-man... why couldn't she have just picked up a nice gender-neutral book at the end? *sigh* But apart from that, very funny :D.

July 19, 2006 | Unregistered Commenteranastasia_wolf

I LOVE that video (and Pink.) I saw her on a makeover show on TLC a few years ago before she was famous. She DID have pink hair and was doing her first appearance in front of some agents and record executives (supposedly?) so they were helping her find just the right "outfit." Interestingly, she was the same gal she is now (although a bit younger and somewhat sassier.)

She's a good role model.


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