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Word Search - Home Birth Analgesics

Folks coming to my site from Google use the most interesting keywords. In the interest of answering the keywords, here is the search criteria and then my answer.

home birth analgesics during labor over the counter

I know of no over-the-counter (OTC) anythings to take during labor for pain relief. How I feel about this is if you are looking for pain relief of any kind - because you are suffering - then to the hospital you should go.

While we sometimes recommend a glass of wine or a beer during early or prodromal labor, that isn't for pain relief, but for relaxation of the muscles and allowing the mom to sleep. Medicinal more than pain relieving. I know of no one who recommends drinking alcohol once labor gets going. I would be very wary if someone did and was serious.

Some ask about smoking marijuana during labor to help them relax and I have known of midwives to recommend or approve of this, but it isn't something I would ever consider doing. If folks need or want pain relief, I believe they need the more intense offerings and observations of the hospital. Don't be asking me if you can smoke some weed in labor. My answer is NO!

All of this said, I tell the story about being in labor with my second child... first homebirth. Cranking in labor, I was rocking, rocking, moaning... and whining. I asked my friends who were assembled if anyone had any drugs on them. They looked at each other and laughed. I was serious! "Some old weed tucked in the hem of your coat? A Vicodin in your purse? Something? Anything?!" My sober and loving friends reminded me - just as I remind you here - if you need pain relief, there is PLENTY of that in the hospital. They specialize in that.

If you want the homebirth experience, medication-free is how it is done.

Reader Comments (3)

What is your take on "Calcium" being used as an OTC method of pain relief for women in labor?

Thinking back on my 2 HBs - the first one was pure ecstacy (honest to God) and the 2nd one was pure torture. My youngest will be 2 in Oct and I can just NOW admit that I feel that way about it.

July 3, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterLife's Laundry

Well, the midwives I've worked with recommend calcium/magnesium supplements in labor, but I haven't ever seen it make that much of a difference. However, perhaps it would work for some and not others? Perhaps it might have a placebo affect?

What have others found?

What was the difference between the two births? The baby's positioning? Anything you can pinpoint?

It is hard when they are so different... sometimes can affect how women feel about their children who were "difficult" births.

It is hard to acknowledge some of the painful aspects of birth - we who birth at home want so badly to wax poetic about our experiences so skeptics shut their mouths, but it isn't always so.

I'm glad you are still looking at it. Very healthy.

July 3, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterNavelgazing Midwife

I tried high-dosing with calcuim when I had my second labor and it didn't do a damn thing.

July 3, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterLili

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