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Miss Universe

On the heels of my "Make-Believe" post, here I sit watching the Miss Universe Pageant.

I already know Miss Puerto Rico won (god love the Internet), so thought I'd take a gander at the official Miss Universe Pageant site. Clicking around, I found myself on this page that allows one to look at each of the contestants.

As the 20 semi-finalists were called out, I clicked each of their links (under "Select a Contestant") and then clicked "Video" to hear what they had to say.

Let me just say right now that if I were judging, Miss Puerto Rico would NOT be the contestant who won. Good god, that woman cannot interview for shit. Giggly and ridiculous saying she will be the same person today as she is in 10 years - what?! Who the heck wants to have the same personality in 10 years? sigh

I would have chosen Miss Mexico, hands down. She was mature and gracious and seemed very intelligent.

And some of these girls are far, far, far too skinny. But, apparently, that's all the rage.

I don't know what compelled me to write this post. I used to lay with Teresa and Elizabeth on the livingroom floor as we "voted" for our favorites (I know the girls were much fatter back then!). We'd stuff popcorn (popped on the stove) into our mouths and chase it with Grape Nehi, making purple mustaches that wouldn't wash off until we'd been in Elizabeth's pool for a couple of hours the next day. We were the cattiest during Miss America and Miss Universe - using up our yearly portion of cruelty towards other women in two three-hour blocks.

I'm mentally laying on the floor with all of you, making goofy (and not-always-nice) comments. And wishing I could have been so beautiful as these women to have half the opportunities they will have in their lives. I submitted my belly to the Shape of a Mother site and it's painful to see my body there. I speak mean words because of my jealousy. How can a 44-year old woman remotely be jealous of ultra-skinny women with nothing as glorious as my own life, history, children, partner, vocation, future?

The sad reality is, I am. Sense, or no sense.

wiping tears and getting up to go pop popcorn - in the microwave

Reader Comments (4)

Pass the popcorn.
I instinctually knew not to watch Miss Universe tonight... I get to cynical... ahem, more cynical.
Going to check out your belly now.
I keep thinking of sending mine in. Then I figure ewww, no one wants to see that! You are braver than I. Perhaps I will hand mine over after the move. maybe...
Remember you are up on a big 'ol bulletin board under the important words of "this is real beauty" where I am. So ppppbbbbttt! *sticking tongue out in simply a childish manner to show I'm right... smirk!

July 24, 2006 | Unregistered Commentermm

Whether it's right or wrong - we all do it.
I found myself being critical of those women and how skinny they were - I laughed at the comment of them living on tictacs and ice cubes that week.
I realize - everything comes at a price and can't help but wonder what price they are paying. I also wonder if it's worth it to them in the end or if the ride is going so fast that they just can't get off.
My life seems like that sometimes and I know that people look at me and ask the same questions.
Why do we do it to others.....but more importantly - why do we do it to our selves?

July 24, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterWash Lady

I have a lot of the same feelings. I ought to take a pic of my belly before it gets it's new scar next month. The fibroid is growing so my belly is, too.

I'm home. I missed you. I send some San Diego doulas to give you hugs from me. I was a little surprised that I cried--just literally burst into tears--when I asked them to do that. :)

Hugs, Hh

Isn't it so funny? I am not alone in making catty comments! Whee!

Glad I'm not alone.


July 27, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterNavelgazing Midwife

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