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New Year's Tick Tocking

These last minutes of 2006, I am watching the History Channel's History of Sex and am mezmerized! It's amazing how much art work there is out there I haven't ever seen - we've never been shown. Sheesh. Where's it all kept? Why haven't we been taught this stuff? Wouldn't our values be a whole lot different if we knew this information? M'thinks so, for sure.

My partner is playing Poker on her Treo next to me. We are both in our Pj's. The dogs are chewing on rawhides down at our feet. Aren't we big fun on a New Year's Eve? laugh The bed is turned on so we can hop right in the moment midnight clangs. Heck, I got a first prenatal appointment to do tomorrow. No rest for the wicket. (har) Or the Wicked, either.

I'm reading Wicked and it is damn, damn good. The musical is great (as you already know I love), but totally different than the book. The book is detailed and lovely and somewhat reminiscent of The Hobbit, but a million times better since I couldn't ever get past the first two chapters of the The Hobbit. I love the unfolding and waiting to see what is going to happen and can't wait to see how Elphaba (the Wicked Witch) and Galinda/Glinda find their way to Sorcery. I know it will be a book/series I will read over and over and over again. (There are midwives in both the book and the show, by the way.)

I haven't read a book for pleasure in so long I couldn't even tell you the last book I read for pleasure. I'm glad to be reading for pleasure again. I do so enjoy reading.

Topamax is the best medication of 2006. I voted for it to win the prize. And it won. (I was the only voter.) My mouth salivates thinking about tangerines and apples and bananas. There are no words to tell you how normal I feel with eating now. If I knew how normal really felt. When I am full, food tastes like crap. It tastes good until I am done eating, then suddenly, it tastes like crap. I have zero desire to finish when it tastes like crap. Would you want to keep eating? Didn't think so. Weight loss is occurring slowly, but surely. I am walking and parking further away now that I am healed and am feeling thin and was thrilled to see I have lost 30 pounds (thirty pounds!!!!) when I went to the doctor the other day. I'm staying on the Topamax and think it should be put in the local water system. Better than fluoride any day.

My honey is sleeping next to me, so's I best take her to bed. We aren't going to make it to the ball dropping, but since the History of Sex is still on, there must be a ball dropping somewhere, right? Strange Puritans... what's up with sex once or twice a year? Sheesh.

Happy New Year, all... may every dream and desire you have come to fruition. May all your hurts and pains heal and cease. May your heart smile and your mind dance and laughter spill from your bright eyes... find all and create everything else.

With love,


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My friend was hospitalized last month with severe clotting in her arm. They thought that a rib was pinching her vein, so they removed the rib and scoured out the vein. It clogged the next day and again after the next surgery. Finally, they realized that it was her Topamax (on it for migraines). They took her off the Topamax and voila, the clotting stopped. She was lucky she didn't lose her arm (it was blue and black) or have a thrombosis somewhere in her body from all the clotting.

It's a rare side effect, but it does happen. And she'd been on Topamax for years (about 5?) before this happened. So keep your eyes open! Likely you'll be one of the folks for whom it is perfectly safe.

January 2, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterLeosMama

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