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Parking Space Goddess

How many of you know how to create parking spaces? You know... when you go into a full parking lot and visualize the parking space you need and a car pulls out right where you need it to and you slide right in even though there are dozens of cars going 'round and 'round looking for spaces themselves?

I've done that for dozens of years. Decades. I thought I taught my kids how to do it, but I guess I didn't, so now I am having to teach them, as adults, how to do it.

I've also visualized, as I mentioned before, the PacMan eaters of my illness and was rather successful at that. Yay!

Visualization and creation have long been a part of my life and yet I don't remember where they came from - who taught me. I know that my partner taught me some of the skills she learned from PSI (People Synergistically Involved), a wonderfully positive self-actualization organization from the 70's that continues today. I visualized to Pink Floyd, though. I think we called it something else, though. laugh

So, trying to teach my kids, and hone my own skills, my partner, in her amazing new venture, has come across a wonderful video that, apparently, a whole lotta people know about already. It's called The Secret and takes everything I ever knew - and more - and wraps it neatly into 90 minutes of the most amazing visualization and creation lesson that I know will bring me to a place I want to be in 2007 and beyond.

Don't I sound like an infomercial? laughing Or brainwashed? I don't mean to. At all. And I was initially cranky about the $$ aspects of it, but waited it out and the goodness and loving aspects outshone the parts that seemed greedy to me. And I am reminded I chose to live in a world that requires money to function and I deserve to be rewarded for my work. A hard concept for me, but I am working hard on it now. I am "seeing it" and you know what? Already it is coming to me.

The midwives left my office and I despaired of my office closing, yet the clients are coming and I am actually having to turn clients away I am so full in some months! How wonderful is that?

I encourage any of you who want a boost in your visualization efforts or a way to teach those around you how to do it, to grab a hold of this $30 video/cd and watch it a few times... make yourself a board and let your world make what your mind can create.

Let's go!

It's a New Year and we ALL deserve what we want.

Reader Comments (5)

You know in my family we chant as we pull up.. "Parking Goddess full of grace, help me find a parking place!"

It works "almost" every time. ;)

January 2, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

I create parking spaces. I say, "I'll call on my Parking Angel.." and it works phenomenally.

I learned much of my "positive thinking/visualization/manifestation" techniques from my mom, who started "heart calling" my dad, or the bus, when we were getting picked up. She learned from me, later on, that what she was doing was "creative visualization" and began developing it in herself even more.

In the last six years she has healed herself of three different types of cancers - all discovered early - and made a believer of her oncologist.

I teach my daughter too, and hope we can all use info like this, and from "the Secret" to improve not only our own lives, but help others to live more happily and healthily as well.

I have visualized my last several births and they have gone exactly how I visualized them. Some people call it "self-fulfilling prophecy".

With my c-section baby, I wanted a "pain-free daytime birth". Heh. Forgot to mention vaginal huh?

This time, my mantra is:
Fast, easy, natural birth at home with no complications.

I visualize myself and my hubby and my doula. No one else makes it. Everything goes smoothly.

January 3, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterOne Hot Mama

This is completely off topic and I apologize...but I wanted to tell you that I was browsing your blog tonight and learned the term "birthrape." How empowering to know there is a term for how I felt. As horrible as I feel for other women who have gone through similar things, I'm glad I'm not the only one who holds onto the hurt.

Moments after my daughter was born and my placenta ripped from my womb, my doctor shoved her hand inside my vagina and into my uterus without my consent to remove a clot that she said would not have come out on its own.

Knowing this term exists makes me feel no regret about not returning to this doctor should I conceive again.

Thank you for blogging. May 2007 bring you blessings.

January 4, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMomToADaughter

This TOTALLY works. I've been doing it since college. My family thinks I'm a witch, but it's the power of visualization that helps me be successful.

Happy New Year!


January 6, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDr. Deborah Serani

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