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Click -n- Time

I can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged. I apologize. I really am here, but things at work are weird. Can't totally explain at the moment, but know that things are in the midst of changing in a BIG way and I hope it will be a good thing. Hard to say at the moment, but let's hope we'll know by the end of the week, eh? I'll let you know when I do.

I have been a freak about photography lately. If I didn't know any better, I would think I had some sort of obsessive disorder. laughing One of my clients/blog readers put me in touch with a camera guy who led me to a Mothering.com for camera freaks and I am nearly blind from reading the archives and asking stupid questions and trying to humor my way into their hearts so someone will take pity on me and come and help me in person (someone that lives where I live). I simply cannot get enough of photography information. I recently bought two great books about marketing studio portraits and another MUCH needed book on Photoshop manipulations - a step-by-step $60 book that, I suspect, will pay for itself in the first photo I work on. I can't wait!

One of another practitioner's clients came in today with her whippet who is dying of heart failure. I'd offered to take pics of her "baby," but she couldn't afford them, but she wanted to let me meet her puppy anyway. I took her and her baby back into my studio and took a few dozen pictures of them together. I hope a few turned out okay - I want her to be able to remember her doggie in a good way.

I love my partner. She puts up with so much. Does so much for me and so many other people... she really is flippin' amazing. I can't say enough about how much I love and adore her. I am so lucky to have her.

My apprentice has been with me for a year now. She is more wonderful than I could ever have hoped for. She learns quickly, is always available, never calls in sick and does everything I need her to do and ask of her. I am blessed to have her in my life.

I didn't realize she had been with me for a year until a couple of months ago and I woke with a start that I hadn't been having her do things she should have long been doing. I felt like a dork because others around me (my assistant and now another midwife) said they tried to get her to do stuff but I'd put the kabash on her doing anything back then. What a goof. So, now I've had to play catch-up and am having her do skills she should have been doing months ago. She is spot-on with every single one, too. She draws blood like a champ, can find fetal heart tones fabulously (even in labor!), palpates babies beautifully and does a great job leading prenatals and most of the postpartum visits. She has just taken over sterilizing instruments and will be assisting me completely after the next birth... I'm going to have her assist and have the assist watch her assist at this next one.

It's so cool watching her grow into a midwife. She really is so good at what she does. She has an easy way about her. She'll make a wonderful midwife. Her own baby is due at the end of April (her 9th) and she's going to take a few weeks off, but will be assisting me with her baby in tow by early June. We will have a nice easy summer together.

I am beginning to feel better on the thyroid meds. I am taking naps less and less. Finally. Some days are harder than others, but generally, they are diminishing. I want to feel nap-free, but I know people with no thyroid probs that nap all the time, too. I just get so much more done when I don't sleep.

I'm reading Wicked and the book is sooooo different than the musical, but it is just as beautiful and wonderful as the cd that I still can't get enough of. How many times can one listen to a cd without getting tired of it? A thousand apparently isn't too many yet. I can't wait to read the next books in the series!

One of my new clients went to Germany for Christmas. My partner and I have lovely memories of Christmas in Frankfurt 20 years ago when we hauled the babies around on our backs in backpacks. We remember the sights and smells of the Kristkindlemarkt - the Christmas Market - and speak about it each winter: the gluwein (mulled wine), the potato latkes served with applesauce, the beautiful Christmas decorations, the cookies! The cookies... there is one cookie, the Lebkuchen, that is made with anise and it smells so wonderful, the whole Kristkindlemarkt smells of Lebkuchen and gluwein. The client of mine who went to Germany brought me back a man's hand-sized heart-shaped Lebkuchen and the entire prenatal, I sat inhaling the cookie like I was getting high on some rare perfume. I hung it in the living room and every time we walk by it, my partner and I shove our nose through the wrapping to inhale 20-years-ago-memories and feel those babies on our backs and feel our fingers entwined and hear the snow squeaking and crunching under our freezing feet. I actually want to go back to Germany in wintertime. I never thought I'd say those words!

Two women have come through my office this week who are 30-34 weeks pregnant and whose doctors have said they will not be allowed to go past 40 weeks pregnant. They are coming to my office to get acupuncture to ready their bodies so they won't have to be induced. They aren't even 35 weeks pregnant yet! There is something seriously wrong with this.

Have you noticed that Slim Fast's commercials have normal-sized women in the now?

Does anyone else thing that horror movie commercials have zero place on our television sets? Can't we have tv stations that are horror movie commercial-free? Oh, yeah... The Food Network is one that is. I know I won't have to hide my face and sing, "LA LA LA!!!!" every 12 minutes while watching that channel. Even the Travel Channel has scary things sometimes.

I want my hair like Madonna's in the Express Yourself video - the hair at the very very end of the video when she is being snatch up off the bed by the guy... I love that curly hair! Maybe I just want to look like Madonna in the Express Yourself video. Ha!

My favorite video in the whole world is A-Ha's Take On Me. There can't be any video any better. Still. After all these years.

Okay, I best try to sleep. I have Peer Review in the morning and have to be at the office to vacuum early before the gang arrives and the office opens. I already made Waldorf Salad to share. I needed to spend some time on m'self tonight.

Missed writing to y'all. Thanks for listening.

Reader Comments (4)

And the volume goes up for those horror comercials. There are some channels I stopped watching because the comercials are so horrible. I love food TV. My girls ask how come I watch it. When I told them that if I see anything I like, I can cook it, they looked puzzled. It's great being able to print up the recipe right after seeing the show. I should set a goal to do one with them this weekend.

So glad to read that you are feeling better. I love naps, don't give up one of life's pleasures, just because it's no longer required.

I've always thought it's easier to travel with a wee baby than a child. Just grab a diaper and go, boobs onboard and ever ready. How can anyone think formula makes it easier? (scratching head)

January 11, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterstockingup99

Thanks for being there, and for writing...honestly...I think there are days I'd lose my mind without having something of yours to giggle over/mull over/think about...:)

January 11, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterOpening Pandora

Nice pages here. Great information. Will visit again and recommend.

January 13, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterRogers Market

Hi NgM,
I check in frequently and just had to say that Take On Me is my favorite video, too! Not that I even watch videos anymore, but if I did...

January 15, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterRG

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