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Tagged - 7 Random Things

Journey to Becoming a Midwife tagged me asking 7 random things about me. (I followed the links back, but couldn't find the original rules to post... sorry.) For the record, I like being given a topic instead of trying to pick things out of thin air. laughing I have to do enough of that to blog!

Let's see what randomness I can find.

1. Sarah bought me a Flip video camera. It is the "flippin" coolest thing going! It's smaller than my cell phone, takes 2 double A batteries, has no card inside or anything, is totally self-contained with the USB port that flips out, too... and cost a mere $120 at Costco! It is regularly $180 or so. It comes in a delightful array of colors, but Costco only had black or white. I chose black. I figured for a $60 savings, I could suffer through not having pink. It only takes 30 minutes of video without downloading it onto the computer, but hey, it's a put-the-batteries-in-and-GO camera!

2. Now that I have a video camera (which I have never owned in my life!), I have joined the YouTube craze. I have two videos on there now... Gwyon's Newborn Screen and Dinner Time which is Digit and Cash's crazy dinner time antics. My apprentice Donna laughed her head off about my putting the dinner one on there saying it was one of those videos you ask yourself, "Why the heck did someone video this? It's so stupid!" But, she said because she knows Cash and Digit, it was hysterical. So, if you want to see a stupid video, help yourself. The newborn screen one was a practice How To video. I want to do another NBS with better quality and timing, but this gives you a picture of how I do a NBS. The bonus is you get to hear me talking and see me working.

3. I had a sore throat that has now settled in my upper right jaw. I look like I have a swollen Bell's Palsy'd person. I am taking Clindamycin for it - and it is somewhat better after 24 hours on the antibiotics - but it hurts so bad I can hardly stand it. I will go to the dentist on Monday and see where it is... jaw? Gums? Just bizarre.

4. I can drink Diet Coke again now that I am off the Topamax. It tastes delicious. I am still drinking coffee, too. All this caffeine can't be good for my anemia.

5. I went to the doctor the other day for some weight-related stuff (more on that another day) and she told me that when I had the MRI of my pituitary, it showed I had virtually no "matter" in my gland. What?!? I've seen the Endocrinologists (2 of them!) several times and no one mentions this? And I am going back and back and back telling them the medication isn't doing squat for me and they are rolling their eyes thinking I am a nut who just wants to lose weight? When all this time, I have no matter in my pituitary gland?!? I AM NOT CRAZY!

This is called Hypopituitarism and one of the major symptoms is ANEMIA! For crying out loud. And the extreme fatigue I have had for over 4 years now.

The meds aren't working because I need more medication to take care of the lack of pituitary gland. Possibly corticosteroids, but in tiny amounts that doesn't affect glucoses or cause moon face. I canNOT believe no one told me this! I called to get an appointment to see yet another Endo and have an appointment for January 14. Nothing sooner? Nope. Grrrrr.

And you know what can cause hypopituitarism?! MENINGITIS! I had at least 8 episodes of meningitis when I was so sick with the Coccidiomycosis. I can't believe I might have actually uncovered the reason for my fatigue. Thank goodness for the Internet! Otherwise, I would think I am a loon.

6. I've traded my Disney obsession for a Kaua'i obsession. I need/want to sell a lot of my Disney memorabilia, but don't have clue one how to do it. Everyone else seems to be so well-versed in Ebay and other on-line sales techniques and it just seems so daunting to me! I have some great pieces to sell, too. Many of which I can't even find on-line at all, like my Ursula watch.

My stuff isn't in mint condition, though. Great condition, but I've worn everything at least once and don't have the boxes and instructions like collectors seem to love and want. Someone must want what I have though, right?

7. I want my Kaua'i house to be done in every shade of blues, greens and browns, with touches of bright colors like in pillows or wall hangings. HGTV is creating a monster! I have an on-going list of Must-Haves for my new place (that doesn't exist yet). I also am going to try my hand soon at mosaics. I think I will be good at that. I do well with detail work. I used to do Pointillism as well as using tiny stork scissors to cut paper shapes and doll sorts of things. I love close up, meticulous sorts of things.

Well, there are 7 Random Thingies about me.

Now to tag folks.

I've been reading some great new blogs, so I will tag them and get them going on this whole blog connection with each other.

Close to the Root (whose blog should be called "Kneeling Midwife") is a wonderful new midwife blog. Her thoughts are provoking and she is much aligned with me in many things. Add her to your list!

A Better Birth takes on topics that are relevant and important for us to consider.

Rixa at The True Face of Birth. Rixa and I disagree on many things, but we also have women's hearts and minds in our thoughts and actions. She's great!

Doulicia, one of my all-time favorite blogs.

And Kristina of Red Spiral who continues thriving after her cesarean birth.

I'll let them know later... I gotta run to breakfast with my apprentices before seeing clients this morning.

Have a beautiful Sunday, all!

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Reader Comments (3)

Thanks for doing the meme -- sorry about not giving you a topic, I'm pretty new at it too! I loved reading your blog before but now I must like you even more because you have a dachshund. I love dachshunds. They're hilariously wonderful dogs. I have two. They are my children.

December 16, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterEmory Student Midwife

We watched the PKU video and you did a great job.I agree, nursing afterwards, but the birthplan moms insist on nursing during, oh well. have you ever considered using sweeteese...it works. My 3 year old said spontainously...when they did that to me, it hurt! Dont do it again, mommy.

he was born at home, newborn screen done at 4 days at the hospital where I am a L&D an PP RN, by the best. Anyway, I guess he was quickly over it, because, at the end you told the baby "no more pokeys" and he said, "hey that lady tell that bay no more cookies! Poor baby!"

December 16, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

My six-year-old watched the NBS video with me, and through the whole thing, she was cooing at the screen, "It's okay, baby, don't cry.. it'll be over soon.. just two more.." etc. I need another one of these sweet things, methinks.

December 16, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterShylah

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