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(Belated) Happy Valentine's Day

I took this picture of Arwyn yesterday in my new office studio and thought I'd share it with you all. I've been working hard on my photography and practicing on just about anybody who will sit still long enough for me to focus on them.

I took a basic photography class - and loved it! I learned so much and really do have a knack at this stuff. At first, my pictures sucked after the class, but they are getting better and better, very quickly. Every once in awhile, I get a run of duds, but more and more, the shots are turning out nice as opposed to blech. I am feeling very proud of how I am doing.

And then, add to this, Photoshop. Oh, my god. I have a knack for that, too! It must be an English thing because I do an alteration once or twice and I have the skill down and memorized and can move on to learn something else. I'm spending far, far too much on Photoshop and photography books and sit with them on my lap as if they were grandma's quilt splashed across my body.

I've learned to remove boogers from kids' faces, lint from the backdrop, errant threads and hairs from faces, blemishes off of foreheads, how to lighten one person's face while darkening another's in the same picture, how to make pictures black and white, how to do soft focus (I'll show you!) - all basic stuff, but stuff I couldn't begin to think of doing even 2 weeks ago. I am thrilled to be learning so many cool new things. I love it!

I know this isn't midwifery talk, hence my not yacking here much lately. Sorry.

I have things to share midwifery-wise, too, but I think they are going to have to wait until I have more time. Changes are happening at the office that are needing my attention, but I am heading home to Orlando in 9 days for a few days and will have travelling and lay-over time that will allow me the space to write the challenging words I am wanting/needing to write. I am just so angry at so many women right now - it's probably not healthy to be so mad. I'd do better to write it out.

In the meantime, enjoy my photos. They make me smile... I hope they make you smile, too.

Reader Comments (1)

Such a nice picture of a beautifu little girl.

Thanks for sharing our pics.

February 17, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBebu

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