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Where is the Logic?

You'd think when a midwife transfers a client to the hospital, the hospital would bring her flowers and toss confetti in the air with joy. Instead, the hospital growls, clenches its teeth and speaks about the midwife bringing in a "train wreck." I don't get it at all.

How come the grand majority of wonderful births aren't remembered? Licensed Midwives and Certified Nurse-Midwives alike suffer the bad-mouthing doctors and nurses tend to spew when a birth doesn't go as planned and has to be moved into the hospital - either in an emergency situation or even in a non-emergency situation.

Don't doctors know that the midwife is responsible enough to bring the client in before it really is a train wreck? Aren't they glad she is there to give report? To offer support to a woman who probably doesn't want to be there but will be much more compliant with the midwife's help?

I don't know all the intricate details of this story, but I know some of the background ones (I will be helping one of the midwife's clients birth this summer) - but part of the story is the hospital was upset that the midwife transfered clients from the birth center to the hospital... that she transfered too many clients.

Excuse me?!?

What was she supposed to do? Drive them around the block? Tell them to quit having complications?

Wouldn't you think the hospital would be thrilled she was bringing them in? That she had fantastic judgement and used it to help the women in her care? What is their logic that they are punishing her for taking care of these women?! Yikes.

I cannot let the fear of the Medical Board keep me from making the decision to transport a woman to the hospital. I can't imagine a young midwife worrying about whether she should take a woman in or not lest she be turned in to the Medical Board. Is that the way they want this to go? Do they know they are creating this atmosphere? Who will tell them?

It's important for us all to create a vision of freedom for Marcia McCulley. "See" her with her clients, with her babies, with her families - with her family. See her face (even if you've never seen or met her) in joy and laughter - enjoying life and her midwifery Self. Let's all hold Marcia and ALL midwives joyously in our hearts... just as we hold our own babes. Feel the beautiful perfection?

I do!

Reader Comments (6)

Well said. :)

April 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterRoxanne

I don't know what to say. The oppression is so obvious. They're still witch hunting. It's been about targeting midwives for so long. Your work and the work of other midwives is so precious. The art is going be lost if they don't stop the persecution.

April 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDark Daughta

What is she supposed to do? Well probably not accept any client with any hint in their medical history, presentation, or family history that they might, possibly have a complication, of course. {tongue firmly in cheek}

Ok, in all seriousness....I don't think the majority of docs care. I Think Dr. D (You remember Dr. D...right?) is the exception in even wanting to have a dialogue with a midwife. After all, the majority of OB's work in group practice, think 15 min prenatals and hospital birth classes are more than adequate, and are oblivious to the traumas they witness and cause.

If anything..I think the majority are threatened by the possibility of more women wanting midwifery care...and the potential loss of income to themselves.

Oh...and sniping about train wreaks isn't limited to midwives...when I had my postpartum complications with C (my first pregnancy) the crusty old ob who treated me at my local hospital groused the entire time about having to clean up someone else's mess...and made sure I knew with any further complications to return to the hospital I gave birth at....and not my nearest ER...despite being told to report there by the Medical Group's Nurse line...which owns both hospitals!

Someday...someday...more women will wake up...and hopefully demand change.

April 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterOpening Pandora

I don't know what to say. I was thinking back on that story you posted about the woman who got kind of scared and transferred, how if I had been the doc, I would have done my best to stay the hell out of there so after it was over, she'd have had the closest thing to what she wanted originally, leave the midwife there in charge and being thankful for her work. And the other day with the female FPs, we were all discussing, all of them who had kids had had midwives and wouldn't do it any differently ever, and I will too, as will a lot of friends from med school.

It's just surprising to see how many bad doctors you keep running into. Try reading FP Mama's blog. http://fpmama.blogspot.com/ - try starting with the April 9 post...we aren't all like the docs you run into.

May 2, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterThe MSILF

It's not difficult for me to visualize Marcia with the babies and mamas she has brought through labor. I am one of those moms. My birth experience at Marcia's wonderful birth center was a marvelous one. Never have I had such impeccable care and attention to me and to detail during prenatal care, during labor and postnatal care. What is happening to her now is a travesty of justice and appalling. My prayers and support are with her and all the other targeted midwives. We need to take a stand against these viscious and unwarrented attacks on our freedom to birth the way we want.

May 25, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterSarah~OrganicMama

Well said.
I've also delivered with this Marcia Mculley NP, LM. I highly respect her judgment and insight.
When we work with a midwife, we often have researched to find one. The majority of midwifes have extremely low transfer rates, and are able to reduce the c/s. They are trained to know when to transport. They give such extensive attentive patient care that they are able to notice concerns early on, in the labor. If they find an issue in labor, it may be something that a that busy hospital, would not have found.
Thank you for your post.

May 29, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDaniele Johnson

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