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Working Posts

I've got several posts in the works, never fear! I am just busy, busy... running to and fro... handling client urgencies and delights.

- I'm headed 4.5-5 (barring traffic) hours away for the second time this week to tend to a sweet mama in need.

- One of my third time mamas learned she's having a boy yesterday and is thrilled! She already has a girl and a boy.

- I was with my client during the ultrasound, which was on a GIANT flat-screen tv on the wall. The boy's penis was the size of my hand. Gee, how times have changed!

- As I drive, I'm going to be listening to a whole different set of empowerment cd's. I'll share about them when home later. We watched a dvd last night. One statement stands out: If you had six months to live, what would you be doing? My answer? Writing. Telling, eh?

- My new mamas have all settled into a gentle groove of mama-hood. I am so thrilled to see their happiness and beauty.

- I had a colonic this week. Something I said I would never, ever, ever, ever do. I was so constipated, though, I was crying. I have never had that problem and cannot, for the life of me, figure out what was wrong - no change in meds, no change in diet, no nothing. The colonic was humiliating (my sister-in-law did it), but saved my sanity. It was the most cathartic diarrhea in my life.

- I wish I could take my puppy Cash with me everywhere. He is so much fun and brings me so much joy, I would just love to have him with me all the time. He's sitting on my lap as I type. Such a cat/dog. (He's a long-haired daschund with a bad haircut, a gimpy back leg, turned in toes and a wonderful disposition.)

Okay, I need to head out now. Off and running. I should be back sometime late tonight. Gonna take a nap there before heading back. Donna and I did this trip on Tuesday with Kyra, who was 8 weeks old... what a trooper she was! We were pooped! Hopefully, the empowerment cd's will keep me going strong.


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Occasional unexplained constipation isn't a big deal, but you KNOW that you need to get it worked up if it becomes anything even semi-regular.

Oh, and dried apricots. Just be careful not to overdo it.

June 30, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJudy

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