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My Puppies & Iron-Rich Foods

I'm having a great day.

I went shopping for iron-rich foods today and have eaten iron-rich today. Including eating beef for the first time in 28 years (minus 4 months). Now I have gas that is scaring the dogs, but hey, I can feel those blood cells growing, right? Small price to pay.

Reading through all the things to - and not to - do, I realized I should not be drinking iced tea. And I am/was an iced tea drinking FOOL since starting the Topamax and stopping the Diet Coke. I quit iced tea today. I cried a lot over having it give it up. Isn't that silly? I cried more about giving up the iced tea than about having to eat beef! I thought that was pretty amusing.

I'm feeling especially wonderful as I write this because I am watching the culmination of Crazy Sexy Cancer - an amazing, beautiful movie on TLC that I hope everyone will take the time to watch. As opposed to the negative, poor, poor pitiful me crap so many shows turn out to be, this entire piece is so positive and so... midwifery-like (crunchy, alternative, women-supportive, etc.)... it was just so wonderful.

I remember when I was so sick with the Cocci- when I had spinal meningitis and a DVT with ankle to groin blood clot and was still attending births. I remember how at the time it didn't seem odd to drag my leg behind me like Quasimoto and keep it elevated with heating pads on it when I wasn't actually moving. I think now how frightfully incredible it sounds that I did something so bizarre! And I also know, in retrospect, it was attending births, that kept me alive.

I tell people I'm a whiner. I am much more of a whiner than my Sarah or more than most people I know, but I'm also a LOT better than I was before I ever had kids. Egads, I was awful before Tristan was born. Once I had a homebirth, I felt I could accomplish anything and really felt like I quit whining altogether. I thought it was weird when people (lovers) told me I was still a whiner. Ha! Little did they know!

So, watching this movie was just that kind of affirmation I needed today as I embarked on my Big Blood Cell Regimen (I don't want to call it an anti-anemia whatever... too negative).

The other thing with today. After two nagging visits with my Endocrinologist, he refused to test my Free T3's and while he finds my TSH and my T3 within normal limits, I find them far too close to the edge of abnormal. So, when I found that lab slip last week with no date on it, I wrote every test on it I could possibly think I might want or need in the next 6 months - the Free T3 included.


I see the Endo tomorrow. I am rectified!

So, my dear friend Maureen turned me onto Armour Thyroid and I've spent eons tonight studying it (before the movie) and will mash the doctor up against the wall and force his hand to type the prescription on the computer so I can get it at the pharmacy. I even went on-line and made sure my insurance company (a humongous national HMO) carried Armour as an option med and it does, so he has zero excuse not to prescribe it for me. I need it. They carry it. My deductible is paid. I have no more co-pay. I WANT IT.

(I'm really not that mean to docs. I just pretent to sound like that. I will be strong, but not a bitch.)

One last thing - I went to see The Business of Being Born (Ricki Lake's movie) in Los Angeles a few nights ago with my apprentice Donna and my (hopefully) new apprentice Lexi (and their babies). I will write a Review and a Critique, but really do look forward to you all seeing it, owning it and showing it to everyone in the world you know.

And now, here are my puppy dogs. Just 'cuz they're so flippin' cute!

This is my Digit dog. She is an 8-year old Lab. We love her! She has so much self-control. She never jumps up on the couch, always sits, goes down, stays when commanded... she's such a gentle soul. I can push past her when she's eating and she doesn't even bat an eye. I love my Digit. She's such a good girl.

This is my baby doggy, Cash. Cash will be 2 on January 3 and is the canine love of my life. He's a long-haired daschund who is the cutest thing in the whole world. He follows me like I am the Goddess of the Food Trinkets. Oh, that's right. I am! Cash makes me smile when nothing else can and listens to all my secrets without telling anyone else or without it seeming like it is a burden for him at all. He just twirls around the dining room table, running from Digit, playing, playing... and I laugh and smile and thank the gods and goddesses I am still alive and laughing.

Reader Comments (12)

Hope your pro-activeness gets you feeling better soon.
Any endo worth their salt wants to see a patient on replacement with a TSH between 1-2. NOT .5-5
Personally, I start feeling like run down long before I hit 5 and I feel like death by the time I reach 8 or 9.

Dd and I both see endo's (both have Hashimoto's-T3 usually isn't an issue).
When I took her to see the ONLY female pediatric endo in the city (I'm not subjecting my dd to puberty checks by a male doctor) I told her I wasn't happy with dd's last TSH of 3 something. She said "Oh, neither am I, I want her between 1-2" I got this big smile and said "Oh can I HUG you? I'm so happy to hear you say that!!" and she says "Sure!!" and holds out her arms. I think the medical student she had with her was little taken aback.

Oh, your Cash looks just like my parent's Caity. And personality sounds the exact same. Aren't they the sweetest dogs??


August 30, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterliz

I was on Armour for 3 years when I had CFS. Made my thyroid sooooo wonky.

ALL of my levels (free T-3, free T-4 AND TSH) were at the absolute bottom of "normal".

I swear, Armour was the reason I could get out of bed for a long time. Amazing what a difference it made, when I needed it (have been off for about 6 years).

(I think God will understand the piggie thing if it's what you really need).

August 30, 2007 | Unregistered Commenternolabarb

No kidding, you and I could have been shopping for iron rich foods at the exact same time!

Lentil soup: Check!

Chick Peas to put in spinach salad: Check!

Top Round sandwich meat: Check!

Red Beans and Rice: Check!

Frosted Mini Wheats (90% DRI/ serving!) Check!

But the yummiest is this trail mix I made out of shelled sunflower seeds, slivered almonds, raisins, and dried peaches.

So sorry to hear about your struggles giving up iced tea. I so sympathize. Hopefully you'll be feeling top of your game soon! I'm sending healthy thoughts your way.

August 30, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterRebecca

Hey, nettle tea is HIGH in iron and good for anemia! Maybe a bit more "earthy" than standard iced tea, but c'est la vie.

Check with people more herbally savvy than me to make sure nothing is contraindicated with any other conditions or meds, of course.


August 31, 2007 | Unregistered Commenternolabarb

No nettle tea for me... allergic to it. :)

Thanks anyway, though!

Love and miss you. Thinking of you so much as the Second Anniversary stuff is talked about. (I'm not watching tv anymore, but you can't miss it.)

August 31, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterNavelgazing Midwife

Everyone's daschunds are so flippin' cute! I NEVER thought I would like them... NEVER! And they are so, so wonderful. Cash is my shadow. I understand that is their nature, too, but they REALLY are. He could be sound asleep and I get up to pee and he will rouse from his sleep to follow me to the toilet. I tell him he doesn't have to, but he insists.

What a lover!

August 31, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterNavelgazing Midwife

Have you tried Floradix?

September 1, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAgatha

Absolutely. I am taking my Floradix religiously right now.

Interestingly, I have always said how vile the stuff is, yet right now, I could drink it like it was - iced tea! I hear tell when it tastes good like this, it means your body needs it badly.

I took Floradix a long time ago for anemia, but it didn't seem to work very well and my gastric bypass surgeon said I needed to take *only* ferrous fumerate, but I have since read otherwise... that the ferrous gluconate is perfectly fine. While I adore my surgeon (Julie Ellner), I also know she may not be the be all and end all to nutrition post-op.

I figure that with the combo of diet changes, the eating or taking Vit C at the same time as all Fe (iron) supps or iron food ingested, it will all work great.

And I am needing to buy a cast iron pan. Spaghetti and meatballs, here I come!

September 1, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterNavelgazing Midwife

I took Topamax for about 6 months before I realized that it was the Topamax that killed my sex drive (loathed and despised the idea of sex or any kind of physical intamacy would probably be a better description) and made all my hair fall out and not the baby I'd had 5 months before starting on it causing those things.

I can remember sitting there and feeling tears fill my eyes while watching my mom sip on her ice cold Diet Coke. I was the biggest grump about it for several weeks - kind of like a recently quit ex-smoker. I remember chewing one co-worker out as he stood in front of my desk and popped the lid on a soda. I heard that sound and it was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Once I came off of the meds, I'd open and take a sip of one every morning hoping my taste buds were back to normal and I could enjoy it again.

If I ever had to give up sweet iced tea (I'm in south GA, I like it sweet, but not syrupy like some folks around these parts), I'd hate to know what I'd be like. I'd prbably be jobless and divorced in no time.

(BTW - thanks for directing me to your daily blog. I'm the one that emailed you earlier in the week from your 20 Years of Birth Stories blog)

September 14, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterLazyK77 (Jessica)

I, too, take Topamax, and I don't know what I'd do without iced tea. Do you like lemonade? Cherry limeade? I was hopelessly addicted to Diet Coke, but I find that I don't miss it at all. I'd miss tea, though.

September 16, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterShylah

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