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Just Some Stuff

- I have had this hero-worship for Bindi Irwin. Every single time I have seen that child, she is giddy with joy. She lost her father, yet she speaks of him glowingly, carries on his work tirelessly and with absolute pleasure and just seems to live a life of love and amazement for what the world holds. I adore her. That's why there's a picture of her here.


- Look where Tenacious sent me!

Birth Pangs is a curiously hysterical, satirical pro-choice website. What I found trickling down the right side:

Leading causes of Pregnancy

- Abstinence education
- Fundamentalist Religion
- Social Conservative Theory

Ten Reasons to Avoid Pregnancy

1.Shortage of ob/gyns
2.Forced to lay on your back to give birth
3.Coerced into a C-section, vaginal births take too long
4.No Childcare exists
5.Our gov't does not value women for having a career and a family at the same time
6.Unpaid labour at home still goes unrecognized
7.Women end up with 2 jobs
8.No income splitting
9.Too expensive to raise children, give them educations
10.Just no incentives whatsoever

Go read and laugh laugh laugh. If it weren't so serious, it would be funny.


- I read this interview of Dr. Paul Farmer, who, it sounds chooses to work months or years out of our country in very deserving countries around the world. He says the following profound words that I wish every physician would absorb into their souls - words I believe every one us could stand next to and embrace.

"Working there taught me several things:

- that all enduring, good work is done by teams (no doctor can be effective alone);

- that public health and public infrastructure is always important (even the biggest and most beautiful mission hospital cannot serve the people of an entire region, much less a nation);

- that community-based care, relying on village health workers is the secret to success for programs for chronic diseases, including AIDS and tuberculosis;

- that some services should not be sold, even for the tiniest price, because there will always be some who cannot pay these "users' fees," as they're called, and the ones who cannot pay are precisely the people we came to serve in the first place. These are also the people who are, often enough, hungry. There's only one treatment, we learned, for that affliction: food."

Please read the entire interview. I looked up the Peace Corps after reading it, dreaming of leaving and going to help in another country. It's so interesting how the compulsions inside me just bubble up and swell over like a shaken champagne bottle. I sit on my couch and know bloody well there are millions here in my own country who need me - and millions more who can use my help in the Spanish-speaking country directly next to me. And my office needs me. My kids need me. (Do they really? Not really.) My Sarah needs me. I'd miss my puppies.

But I'd be able to do so much! Learn so much. Help so much (I hope).

Another midwife in our community is in Africa (with Doctors Without Borders). I can only imagine what she is learning, seeing... no one could come back from that experience unchanged.

I'd given up on being able to go out of the country to help because of being chronically ill. It might still be too soon to go, but the prospect of my being able to go makes me salivate.


- Our community is doing the Bold Red Tent this coming weekend. I look forward to it. If I didn't have two women due, I'd have offered to read the play Birth; I'm a pretty good speaker and a really great reader (ask my kids!). Check out the website and see if someone is sponsoring the Bold Red Tent in your city and if they aren't, consider doing so. It doesn't have to be in September, either. Next year, let's have it in 150 cities around the country!

Someone in Orlando... sponsor it and I'll come and read Birth! Just give me a head's up so I can plan no babies.

Everyone enjoy your day!

I'm off to check on a mama this morning.

Reader Comments (2)

HEY!! I'm in Orlando!! Give me some more details!! I'll help do it!


September 5, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterI am a Monkey's Momma

Hello wonderful Navelgazer!
Thanks for the mention. Aren't those wimmin at birth pangs an insane riot? And, I know you've got births to attend. But are there any posts of yours from the past, especially any of the ones you wrote around the fat vagina, that you handled so well and so powerfully, that you might consider giving to me for my carnival Reloaded? Thanks again for the mention.

September 8, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDark Daughta

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