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Ink Birth

As this beautiful birth unfolds, I will share some thoughts. The story will wait, however, until mom writes her own story.

NOTE: The birth pictures are extremely graphic. Amazingly so.   

Danielle and Craig. Danielle depended on Craig throughout labor and the birth... they were so wonderful to witness. 

Danielle had a great deal of back pain and loved having pressure on each side of her spine. The baby was anterior when I did vaginal exams, so the pain was a mystery (probably a rotating/wiggling head).

I love this picture! Danielle is 5 feet even, so floated in a very small amount of water as well as was able to stretch out in the Aqua Doula. I "saw" this picture before taking it. She looks so beautiful - high! 

 Sipping soup. 

Craig "with" Danielle. During the times that Danielle wasn't (physically) touched, she was adoringly touched

We watched the baby's head eeking out slowly. I love this picture because her labia look like a vessel (which it is!) pouring life's liquid (which it is!).

As these photos unfold, watch how the labia "tightens" around the head. Mom did not have any perineal tears and the only touching that was done was by mom herself. During the birth, she said she was afraid of tearing, so Donna (my apprentice) encouraged her to touch when she needed to, that her body would guide her. Look! It did! 

 In labor-land... high, high, high!

(The photos are in chronological order... she moved around at the beginning of pushing, but eventually settled on hands and knees.) 



 Watch as you can "see" the head through the labia.


During a push.

 Inbetween pushes... note how the head recedes somewhat.





 See the bubble that popped? How cool is that?



 See how the labia is now wrapped around the baby's head? Our bodies are so great.


 The birth of the head.

After this photo, the baby tried to breathe and Donna was there to catch since dad didn't want to (in the moment). As a mentor, it is my responsibility to assist, not photograph, so the next photos come after the birth.

 She's still so high!

 The new mom and dad.

 Zoey Irene, 6 pounds 6 ounces... exactly what both of her parents weighed when they were born! 

 Using the cord bander - it puts a tiny rubber band on the umbilical stump. Much more comfortable than the standard plastic clamps.

 Welcome to the Earth, Zoey! 


Famous Tattoo Artist Craig Driscoll holding his beautiful 2 hour old daughter Zoey Irene. Mama Danielle was showering.

I'll be taking family photos tomorrow and will post those when completed.

I loved this birth! I look forward to sharing the details - after mom shares hers. 

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Yes, it is the amniotic fluid...both coming out and being squeezed out of the baby during contractions...BEAUTIFUL pictures, thank you Danielle & Craig :)

December 9, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJen

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