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A Walk in the Sun

I got a call from my Endocrinologist yesterday.

Despite the changes in meds over a many-month'd period, I am still extremely fatigued. I learned that the last time I had an MRI, most of my pituitary gland is gone. The suspicion is when I had all those bouts of spinal meningitis, it affected my pituitary. Because of this, I was given a Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Challenge (ACTH) to see what my pituitary and adrenal gland were doing and see if that might be affecting my thyroid issues. I hyper-responded, but when the doc called, she didn't say anything about that part of the lab tests. It looks like symptoms of Cushing's Syndrome, but at this point, I am not going to jump to any conclusions about that.


...what she DID call about was my Vitamin D levels. I didn't even remember her ordering that one (I am pretty good about knowing what labs are going where), but listen to this!

I am severely Vitamin D deficient! I didn't even know people were Vitamin D deficient anymore! Well, I knew there was the issue of not getting enough sun and people always wearing sunscreen now and not getting sufficient UVB rays, but that I could have too little Vitamin D in my body... who knew? Here is a great description of the lab tests I had done and some of the symptoms and things I need to do to up my level of Vitamin D in my body.

I was prescribed 50,000 IU of Vitamin D, one pill per week, for 3 months and then my levels will be checked again. That is a MASSIVE dose, but appropriate for my situation. I'm also to cut out all cheese (most dairy, actually. I don't drink milk, which is fortified with Vitamin D... I only drink milk in my coffee) and to walk in the mid-day sun for 30 minutes a day.

Look at the symptoms that I have!

- Anemia of unknown origin
- unexplained pain in the muscles and joints
- losing my balance at times
- high fasting glucoses
- PCOS (Syndrome X) - the symptoms are starting to return the more weight I gain
- Chronic fatigue (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I read a study where they took these folks in a retirement home who'd been in wheelchairs for ages and supplemented them with Vitamin D (after testing showed they were deficient) and within 6 weeks, they were ALL out of their wheelchairs and walking again!

I told Sarah, the thought that I am in this wheelchair phase is incredibly exciting. That I will be OUT of my "wheelchair" in 6 weeks is amazing.

ALSO, I am going Thursday for a measurement of my stoma and pouch to see if I qualify for a revision of my gastric bypass.

(The opening between the new stomach and the small bowel is called a stoma. It has a diameter of some 0.31 in (0.8 cm). All food goes into the new small stomach and must then pass through this narrow stoma before entering the small intestine. The part of the small intestine from the upper functioning small stomach and the part of the small intestine from the initial lower stomach are joined in a Y connection so that the gastric juices can mix with the food coming from the small pouch.)

I certainly will.

The surgeon who did my first surgery, Dr. Julie Ellner, will do the revision. I'll be getting the new StomaphyX, which is the coolest damn thing going! Dr. Ellner will go down endoscopically and make pleats in my pouch to make it smaller again; my surgical portion control! I told Dr. Ellner that I'd read many surgeons, when they are just learning to do the surgery, don't make enough pleats. I told her I wanted so many pleats my pouch looked like a Catholic schoolgirl's skirt!

I am very excited that I'll be able to lose the 100 pounds I've gained since the initial RNY Gastric Bypass almost 7 years ago. Now, I have kept off 90, so by all accounts and statistically speaking, I am a gastric bypass success story. But, my labs are increasingly blech and I want to be much more mobile than I am (like the Bunlap Tribe that runs around many miles a day!). That walk in the sun I am supposed to do for my Vitamin D will be easier and easier.

The StomaphyX revision is right at $10,000, but the RNY was $23,000, so the revision seems like a deal.

I can't wait to tell you all about my progress as it occurs. I promise not to talk incessently about my weight loss, but I do want to share my health gain with you. Not incessently, though. I promise.

Exciting things happening in my life! I LOVE IT!

(Plus new clients are flocking to me! wheeeeee!)

Reader Comments (3)

So why do you have to cut out dairy and cheese? Is it because of the calories or something else? I don't understand that part. Glad you're getting some answers and hope you start feeling better soon.

February 6, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterRebecca

I hope this starts to help you to feel ALOT better!!! Good vibes your way...

February 6, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterHousefairy

Lots of luck and healing hugs to you! I hope the revision works well, and please, post on your progress.

February 7, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAtYourCervix

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