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Okay, so I know I wrote about Skype so glowingly a few days ago, but it pales in comparison to www.Jott.com, although they are totally different Net technologies.

Jott.com is a FREE service that transcribes your words into an email and/or text message that is sent to your "contacts" (the people you input while on the computer). It also has a "section" that lets you read your To Do list into the phone and it will email you and text you what you said! It even gives you reminder calls/texts!

Let me tell you, it is the flippin' coolest thing EVER, saving us from texting in the car while driving, from forgetting important things to do, allowing us to call our far-away loved ones in the middle of their night and letting them open our messages when they get up in the morning. How cool is that?

If you don't want someone to get an email, just don't put their email address in the contacts spot of theirs. If you don't want them to get a text, then don't put their phone number in. Easy peasy!

Now, if you don't speak clearly, it transcribes words hilariously, but whomever is reading should get the gist anyway. I did!

I love Love LOVE being able to talk to myself (haha!) and "write" in Jott. I can drive the hour or so home and log on once there and find what I "wrote" in my email, picking up where I left off on the keyboard. COOL!

I was poking around, looking for information about Jott and see that they do intend to stay free, but might add some ads later to pick up some revenue. How they get money, so far, is beyond me.

From CNN.com:

Jott is a free service and a favorite of Rick Broida, author of "How to Do Everything With Your Palm Handheld," transcribes voice messages up to 30 seconds long and delivers those message via text message or e-mail to anyone in your Jott address book.

For example, Broida says, you can e-mail a co-worker or your entire sales team, all while your hands are on the wheel of your car.

You can also dictate a reminder that Jott will send you in an e-mail and text message, or use in conjuction with other Web services, such as Google Calendar or Blogger.

The Washington Post has a great article about it, too.

I've heard a couple of doomsday warnings from people saying not to say anything sensitive on there lest they be kept for future court dates. I'll just keep my perversions to voicing, thank you. laughing Or in person. I'm not so paranoid as to only speak about my grocery list in Jott, but I won't be having JottSex anytime soon.

I can see a REALLY handy reason to have it in the midwifery sense. If a client calls while I'm in the car, telling me of a problem, I can immediately dial Jott after the call and dictate what the client said so I don't forget any of the details that slip quietly away over a long drive. Then, I can re-type it and put it in the client's chart, writing her name on it once I have it off the computer. Genius!

Try it!

(Sometimes I think this blog is turning into a Geek Blog! But, hey, where else can you learn about self vaginal exams and technology in the same place?)

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