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Happy New Year!

Oh my gosh... here we are again. A new year. How does the time go so quickly? It just goes faster and faster every year. I know, sounds so trite, but as I get older, it really is true.

Sarah and I had a New Year's Eve party and I thought I'd share the pics with you here.

That is Lilo on my head and Cash down there on my feet. The handlebar goes to the Rollator with which I am using to get around.

Sarah dressed up. Digit and Cash are next to her left leg.

Donna came to the party, too... via MSN Yacking. laughing

We're so crazy!

Reader Comments (1)

Hello!! I left you a comment the other night about how excited I was to find your blog. It's lighted a desire up in me. My mom is so excited, too!! I told her I'm going to e-mail her your addy so she can read as well!

You have adorable dogs. I'm more of a cat person. :P


January 3, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAbigail

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