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What's This? (Oh, my neglected blog!)

-  I seem to live in Facebook now instead of here. I miss my blog, but "write" much more in FB. I was trying to explain FB and Twitter to Sarah and said, "A blog is faster than a book; FB is faster than a blog; Twitter is faster than FB." She didn't get it, so I had to be even more descriptive. I described the joy of sharing what I was doing at any given time, hearing what others are doing, bouncing off what others are asking/saying and having a voyeuristic view into famous people's lives as well as friends from all over the world. I love that I have blog readers in FB! I have Friends from high school (after I make SURE they know I talk a lot about vaginas and boobs), many of whom didn't even give me a passing glance back then and who now have become pretty good friends. I am amazed at who Friends me sometimes. If you read blogs and don't FB, I highly encourage you to get yourself there. It is so, so much fun. Come find me, too... but let me know you read my blog so I don't give you the disclaimer about sex and sensuality. Barbara Herrera.

- I am doing Passion Parties now! I needed to get my midwifery business busier, so decided promoting sex was a great way to do it. laughing I have had three parties already and am having another this coming Friday. I am having a BLAST! It is SUCH a hoot talking about sex, sex toys and ways to improve women's sex lives with and without a partner. (Shameless plug ahead.) Go to the website and buy some lotions, potions or toys from me! I could use the money or business. If you are interested in becoming a consultant, let me know! It would be a hoot to have you on my team! We would have some fun. You don't need to live near me, either. Much of my team is in Hawai'i.

- My 30th High School Reunion is this coming July in Orlando (Oak Ridge High School, class of '79). I swear to the goddess, it seems like yesterday that I was in high school. I remember my parents' 30th Reunion! Where did the time go. Just amazing. I don't know if I will be able to go, but if I sell enough toys, I should be able to.

- I miss my daddy so much. It has been four months since he died and often I reach for the phone to talk to him, but have to jolt myself back before I dial. Many of the photos I took of him right before he died are on my screen saver and I smile/cry as I see him, picture after picture, reminding me of his Cuban accent, his daddy scent, his stoic fight to not die and his graceful-ness as he did. I miss him so, so much.

- I am able to walk on my foot now in the house. The surgeon told me I had to find the balance between walking 10 miles a day for exercise and sitting on my ass no doing a thing. I haven't ventured out without the boot, yet, but know that is soon. Last look, I was 98% healed (yay!). I do need to have the screw removed next. It is flippin' annoying in my foot! I'll have to chill a little after having that removed, but am really glad I am healing nicely. It has (only!) been 12 weeks so far and I see him in another 4 weeks to decide where to go next. Back to walking the dog would be great!

- I'm still fat. Being immobile doesn't help.

- Tristan and the new band he is the Road Manager for - the Duhks - will be here in San Diego Feb. 28. I can't wait to see my baby boy! (He's 26. Ha!) It's been a long time.

- My baby Meghann (almost 25!) was here for a week at an Event Planner Convention a few weeks ago. She is doing phenomenal in her wedding planning business! She recently did a Doggie First Birthday Party and it was very successful. She also coordinated a Beauty Pageant (for 13, 14, and 15 year olds) and loved doing that. I am so inspired by Meggie's ability to reach outside of her comfort level and try new things. She said she thinks, "Let's see if I might like this!" I really admire that!

- I love our president. Love Love LOVE our president! I love what he is doing. I am so thrilled with having a president who believes what I do, does what I see is nearly perfect and in whom I have so much faith. What a glorious time this is for our country.

- I'm marrying my apprentice Donna's daughter on Saturday. I am so excited and honored to have been asked! I am nearly done with writing the vows. It's going to be really cool and something I will certainly remember.

- I'll try to write more here. I still have two articles I'm sitting on that need to be finished and published. I also have an interview with a 40-year midwife I need to write. I want that article to go to Midwifery Today. She trained in England and worked in England, France and Germany as a midwife. Very cool!

Thanks for continuing to read... even when I don't write!

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Reader Comments (5)

I used to sell Passion Parties! LOL!

they have such great great stuff!
although they really jacked up the price of the pure instinct. it used to be 17.50. now it's a bit too pricey, for such a small bottle.

February 18, 2009 | Unregistered Commentermommy michael

I now have my Twitter coming through my Facebook and through to my new (yet to be announced) blog. So, I just have to update Twitter and everything gets updated :-)

As for the fat thing, I recently learned that many people are deficient in magnesium, and also that magnesium helps with anxiety/restless legs/sore muscles/PMS, all of which I had. So, I started taking 500 mg of it at night. Ever since I feel like I totally have my eating in control. I have lost 5 pounds and I am working out much more too. I have no idea if there is a relation between low magnesium and food issues, but for me there seemed to be. The reason I'm mentioning it to you is that a magnesium deficiency can cause bone weakness, since the body can't absorb calcium without enough magnesium, so your broken foot may be a clue to a deficency. You might want to look into it.

February 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJennifer (mama blogess)

my blog posts have become less frequent as well since joining fb. i think the simple status ideas steal from what could be a longer post. it is fun to poke around and feel connected to friends.

February 23, 2009 | Unregistered Commenteramelia

OMG - the Duhks are one of my fave bands!! Go Tristan :)

Also - this blog is just fantastic. There's really no reason for me to read a midwivery blog other than that I am a woman and want other women to have good birth experiences and I want to be as educated as possible about my own (potential) experience. But you just rock so much and are so candid and honest. Great work. You are very inspiring.

February 23, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMel

Your kid's with The Duhks? Cool! We saw them in Toronto a few months ago and it was great good fun.

February 26, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRean

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