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"Homebirth Awareness Week"

While Homebirth Awareness Week is almost over in Australia, I came across this beautiful post entitled "Homebirth Awareness Week" and wanted to share at least a few lines of it.

Lauren, of the owlet blog, poetically says (in part):

I am aware that homebirth is an amazing, life changing, completely normal, everyday miracle kind of thing.

I am aware that I am extremely lucky to have a home to birth in.

I am aware that many women around the world do not have the same luxury I do. The best they can hope for is to avoid trauma and infection and that someone might get them a glass of water or gently rub their back.

I am aware that I am lucky to have a care provider who will just be with me and leave me to birth in my own time.

I am aware that my right to have the birth that I want, with the care provider I want, is on tenterhooks (sic).

and she beautiful ends the piece with:

I am not brave. I am not a hippie. I am not built for birthing more than any other woman. But I am aware.

Please take a moment and read the entire poem. And let Lauren know how much you enjoyed her prose. Here awareness is lovely.

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