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The Post List Grows Longer

While I didn't meet the goal of a post a day in November (and it's over already?!), I did scribble a list of topics/titles that could end up as blog posts.

- public criticisms of natural birth

- Vitamin D and breastfed babies

- motivations in natural birth

- when you and your doctors disagree

- milk sharing

- comments on several other bloggers' posts

And the one I'm working on right now is "Thoughts About What Feminists Should Know About Birth Rape".

(All titles are a work in progress; not set in stone until posted.)

My birthrape post... I don't know why I just don't write a booklet about it. I always feel compelled to quote the laws on assault, battery and rape to shut the critics up. What complicates things are the laws are different in all 50 states and then if we add other countries into the mix, it gets even more convoluted. But I did find the definition on the Amnesty International site, so that should be helpful.

And do definitions really mean a damn thing when it comes to a woman's experience? Should we have to defend our usage of the word "rape" when we speak about birthrape? We shouldn't have to, but since the word (words) is (are) becoming more common and more non-birthy people are commenting about it, up in arms that the words "birth" and "rape" are being used together, I do feel there need to be articles or posts the mainstream press can refer to. There has to be some piece that parallels our description of birthrape and the legal definitions of rape... not just from an emotional place (which is wildly valid all on its own of course), but from the place of law. Just like folks appreciate proof via medical studies (not that anyone really listens to them), when we can point to written laws, skeptics might actually listen.

There are other pieces in the works, but I'd like to finish some of those mentioned above. This birthrape one in particular.

I'm working on it! 

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Reader Comments (2)

I am looking forward to reading your Birthrape post. I very much agree that it must be addressed.

December 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMaggi

That's next on the table (computer screen). It's intense, so have to be in a certain mood to tackle it. I hope it's done soon.

December 16, 2010 | Registered CommenterNavelgazing Midwife

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