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What Did You Crave?

On Facebook, I have a Navelgazing Midwife page, my midwifery-oriented page... different than my personal page (which I keep for family and non-birthy friends). Each day, I ask a new question pertaining to birth and/or parenting. The answers have been fabulous, so I thought it'd be a good idea to share the questions (and answers) here, too. And since it is NaBloPoMo and all, I'll be sure to get at least one post in a day.

Today's blog question: What did you crave when you were pregnant?


BJ: Sauerkraut and sausages.

CS: Milk and canned ravioli (and beer but I didn't drink it, although in retrospect that would have been better than the ravioli) oh, and Icees! With the second it was MEAT.MEAT.MEAT.

TC: Red onion diced up and mixed with ketchup.

CS: I craved beer with my other pregnancies. I also crave salads, steak, with one I loved green apples w/ caramel dip, my last pregnancy it was watermelon. It varies.

GD: Peaches. And I wanted wine, too. But, of course I didn't.

KLT: Sweets!

DBH: DD: lemons w/salt, Taco Bell and egg mcmuffins (hyperemesis, 7# gain, 36 weeker); DS: burgers from Red Robin, egg salad, strawberry bkfast shakes (30# gain, unplanned 37w1d uc); DD: avocados mashed with salt, PB&J's, pizza (10# gain ...but had flu and viruses most of the pg, mw assisted hb 39w6d).

AL: Lemonade.

CG: DD1: Lemonade from Hot Dog on a Stick; DD2: Don't remember anything. DD3: Gyros.

JM: Burritos! I wanted one every day and milk, now I only drink almond milk but I drank about 1 to 2 gallons a week sometimes when I was pregnant. (Lalalalalala... I'm not hearing that!)

TO: Grapefruits! We lived in Orlando and I would take them off the neighbors trees! Second kid-spicy food...and I was never a spicy food person!

SH: With my first: red meat and blood. With my second, flowers and leafy greens.

KP:  Full-fat chocolate milk! Made me sick afterwards, but I could guzzle a quart of it at a time.

EC: Pumpkin anything!

SM: I ate a full pound of red grapes every day when pregnant with my daughter. Literally, every stinkin' day. (WOW!)

TR: Taquitos and guacamole with my first, egg rolls and stir fry veggies with my second, pad Thai and peanut sauce with my third.

AHT:  I get pica with all of my pregnancies! I really like eating soft crushed ice, and I wish I could lick wet concrete. I haven't ever licked it, but it sure smells like it tastes good! I have had my Hgb tested everytime and everything comes back normal....just my weird pregnancy thing I guess. (This could be a topic all on its own... if you had pica, what did you crave? I'll have to do that one.)

JS: Cucumbers, limes, tapatio sauce with lots of salt!

SD: Pizza!

Me: With Tristan, I craved Slurpees and Snickers. And Bomb Pops. Hmmm... wonder why I gained 80 pounds. With Meggie, I ate blocks of cheese. B-LOCKS. With Aimee, anything American... we were in Germany and I missed American food something fierce.

What did you crave when you were pregnant?

Reader Comments (13)

wow....interesting list of cravings...
With #1 I craved oranges and tomatoes...
Taco bell hard shell tacos with #2. I cannot recall the rest in order but know I've had the ice cream craving and the chocolate craving. With this last one I loved moolate at Dairy Queen and I'm not a coffee person at all but am into chocolate. I also have craved the tomatoes in more than one pregnancy.

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDawn

Pork chops! And I was a vegetarian. Pregnancy was the end of that. Clearly I was lacking/needing something in my diet that made me crave such a strange food. LOL

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterVanessa

Well. This is my first pregnancy and I think I've had more food aversions than anything. Anything I've loved before I've hardly been able to eat! Like quinoa, salads, and avocados. I don't understand it. I've also had a very hard time with getting enough protein. The only thing I've craved more of is dark chocolate. If you have any advice that would be awesome.

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCriri

Reese's pieces, sourdough toast and 2 kiwis for #1, strawberries with cream as well as brown rice, veg. refried beans with Tapitio with #2 and grapes, raspberries with cream, and scrambled eggs with #3. And as always I eat pounds of tomatoes each week as well, plain like the fruit that they are.

Nothing weird really, just copious quantities of berries.

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterEthel

With my daughter, I craved strawberries, lots and lots of strawberries! Peaches too, but in my area in early spring they are very hard to come by, so I ate loads of strawberries. I was averse to meat, but only when it was cooking. It was the smell. I had morning sickness pretty bad the first trimester, and strangely enough, a bacon-egg-n-cheese biscuit, hashbrown and a coke from McDonald's was the only thing I could keep down. EVERYTHING else came back up. I was sick 2-3 times a day. Until one day I wasn't, and I couldn't stand the sight or smell of McDonald's all of a sudden! With my son, I didn't have any real crazy cravings, but really liked salty foods when I was in the first trimester and feeling nauseous. I remember sitting in church eating potato chips and drinking ginger ale. It really seemed to help the nausea!

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJen B

I can't get the Navelgazing Midwife facebook link to work, it just takes me to my regular news feed :(

With my first pregnancy, I craved FOOD. I was always hungry. I ate a lot - way too much, and whatever I wanted. I didn't eat unhealthily, but I did eat too much, every single day. I also craved Pho, and we had it for dinner two to three times per week. We joked that my baby didn't have amniotic fluid - he swam around in beef broth. I gained over 70 lbs. ( I to a midwife at 37 weeks and they didn't weigh me, so I don't know how much I gained in the last three weeks of my pregnancy, but I do know that I kept growing out of clothes, so the weight gain didn't stop)

With my second pregnancy, greatly desiring a VBAC, and wanting to do everything I could to make it happen, so eating better was a priority. Actually, reading some things that you wrote here on your blog about eating during pregnancy was very helpful, and although I believe that you were speaking of gestational diabetes, reading here inspired me to do some research and be very careful of what I put in my body. I looked up portion sizes and kept them in mind when eating, if I still felt hungry after eating a regular portion size, I would wait 15 minutes before having seconds, almost always I wasn't hungry by that time. I tried very hard to avoid all food with a high glycemic index, and in the last 8 weeks of the pregnancy, I cut out all diary and sugar. When I was really feeling the need for something sweet, I'd have two spoonfuls of hagan daaz as a treat- that one tub lasted me the last two months of my pregnancy! This time around - I only gained 35 lbs, had an 8 hour labour and wonderful VBAC. Oh, and I didn't mention: for my second pregnancy, I had an aversion to most processed foods - I craved whole foods, and raw foods. I ate so many raw vegetables - it was good I was pregnant mostly in the spring & summer when produce was cheap!

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered Commentermamavee

Cravings: Burger King chocoate milkshakes and any kind of fruit. Aversions: Lettuce. And I normally really like salads!

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered Commentericedancer

@Criri: chocolate cravings can be alleviated by getting enough Magnesium (citrate or amino acid chelate or glycinate; please avoid magnesium oxide). Chocolate is yummy so i'm not advocating giving it up entirely!

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterabundant b'earth

That's really interesting. I actually am already taking magnesium citrate because it helps regulate my bp.

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCriri

Strawberries with all of my girls, Limes with all of my boys. :-)

November 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJHolmes

I'm 9 weeks into my first pregnancy! So far I've been all about fruit. Apples, grapes, melons, pears. Something about juicy, refreshing fruit is so appetizing right now. Last week I was dying for blueberry pancakes. Frozen yogurt has also sounded really good for the past two weeks. Maybe that is odd, as it's starting to get chilly here in D.C.

November 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLinnette

With my first I craved Oranges and Pizza, but because I had gallstones I could only eat Oranges. Lost 25 lbs during that pregnancy. With my son, who is 9 weeks now, it was Oreo cookies and I indulged heh... Still I lost 45 lbs with him. Bizarre!

November 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChelsea C

sweets, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bloody marys (had one a week thank you very much). I couldn't stand meat for the first 6 months. Cooking it was no problem, but it just tasted metallic like blood to me for a while.

November 11, 2010 | Unregistered Commentererin

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