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Elevated Uterus (graphic)


This is a uterus being pulled out of the body during a cesarean section. It is the norm (but not done 100% of the time) to lift the uterus out to visualize the area as well as clean the interior as well as possible.

The uterus is being held by the fundus, the top of the uterus. When we measure the uterus during pregnancy, we measure, in centimeters (after 12 weeks), from the top of the pubic bone to the fundus. The procedure is called "measuring the fundal height."

Along the sides of the uterus, you can see the longish fallopian tubes. At the bottom of the tubes are the ovaries. They are the puffy areas; one doctor is pointing to one ovary on the right side of the picture.

I know many women have a visceral reaction to this picture, but, from a teaching perspective, it's amazing! How often do we (who don't do surgery) get to see something so miraculous as the uterus!? The home to our children! (No matter the route of exit.) 

The body looks so primal, so fragile in this picture. Even more reason for all of us to cherish and honor the temple we house. We are so fleeting, all of us here. To me, that is the impression I have when I see this photo. 



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Reader Comments (1)

I read this post the other day, and was reminded of this photo post this morning when working with a client who is preparing for a VBAC. My doula partner was talking about how when adrenaline hits the body all the blood rushes to the extremities and leaves the middle of the body, the uterus included. I'm just guessing that the mother in this photo has an epidural or spinal block - she's awake and afraid. Who was it (Odent?) who said that that a uterus is supposed to be pink but when the mother's afraid it turns white?

I plan on working with this mother and her breathing during the labor, breathing life and health down to the uterus. A lot of touch and massage and relaxation. Thanks for this photo.x

April 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSarah Vine

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