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Interviewing a Homebirth Midwife (Part 3)

Finding the Midwife to Interview

It’s true, a lot of my questions and thoughts are geared towards the actual birth and the ultimate safety of mom and baby during that time, but the truth is the midwife who takes that part of her job serious enough has surely also found it important enough to know the parameters of safety during the pregnancy as well. Not always so, but in my experience, prepared is prepared is prepared. And, in birth, it always pays to be prepared.

Moving on to when you meet the midwife face to face, please don’t take her office or style of dress as a clue into the type of midwife she is. Or her lovely website. You can get information about her practice from the Internet, though. From The Birth Survey to online forums, listen to the comments and reviews, but tailor their answers to what it is you are looking for. Extremely liberal midwives (in the safety sense, not the political sense) will be heralded on extremely crunchy sites and it might be harder to find information about midwives who are more middle-of-the-road or law-standard-compliant. Websites are just now coming into being that discuss the “radical” midwives and the “hands-off” care they offer/hands-on, life-saving care they didn’t offer, but they are few and far between. So, if your goal is the more experienced, perhaps even safer midwife, you might take a look at the midwife the crunchier sites tell you not to go to. If you want to throw out a question without getting flamed, but are looking for a midwife who operates within the recognized standards of care, you can say, “I’m having twins/breech/VBAmC and want a homebirth, but can’t find anyone. Anyone know who is out there for me?” And whomever they tell you to go to, stay away from! Who they tell you won’t do twins/breeches/VBAmC is most likely the midwife who tries to work within tight parameters of safety. Unless, of course, she has a great deal of experience with those different types of births, but that’s different and discussed above. 

And yes, safety is in the eyes of the beholder; you.


Reader Comments (2)

Barb--might want to correct "you're goal" to "your goal." I know you'll cringe when you notice! :)

October 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAmelia

Amelia - *You're* right!! *cringe*

October 11, 2011 | Registered CommenterNavelgazing Midwife

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